15 Cool Chokers for 2016 to Embrace the ’90s

Chokers, of course, are those tight necklaces worn around the neck; they come in a variety of styles and materials, and have made a comeback in this year’s fashion scene. When you think back to ’90s fashion, there are key things that come to mind, with one of the most notable trends being chokers. They can really elevate your outfits since you don’t always have to worry about the chain hanging in the way, while still getting the cute visual benefit of wearing a necklace. Here is a list of 15 adorable chokers for 2016 that make us so happy this fad is coming back into style.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016 to Embrace the '90s

1. Double Band Victorian Choker

The style of this choker is interesting because of its asymmetrical beading in the front embellishment. This acts as the focal point of the necklace and is accompanied by a muted double band with scalloped edges for a delicate, Victorian appeal. You can buy one from Baublebar.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

2. Silver and Faux Leather choker

This cute and edgy choker from Nasty Gal features dangling silver chains held to the leather band by silver hoops. It’s a style that would look great paired with bohemian outfits, and will add some shine to your overall look, without being in your way all day.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

3. Faux Suede Choker with Crescent Charm

The choker part of this necklace is its simple, black faux suede band that clings to the neck and it is connected to a dangling chain with a lovely crescent moon pendant. With this duo, you get the best of both accessories; you get the trending choker and you get the cute pendant necklace as well. You can buy one from Misguided.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

4. Thin Choker with Mini Tassel

This is a simple style for the 2016 choker trend with twin cords acting as the choker with a mini tassel charm right at the front. It adds a little bit of character to an otherwise basic choker without taking things over the top. It can be styled to be cute or edgy, depending on your outfit. You can purchase this choker from ASOS.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

5. Simple Bow Choker

One of the best chokers for 2016, this minimalist style from Baublebar is a simple cord with a tied-off bow. It is totally customizable to your own preference of bow size and placement on the neck. It presents an edgy side of femininity, all with that neat and tidy choker style.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

6. Gem Embellished Choker

A choker doesn’t necessarily have to be simple. It can still have a great deal of embellishments like any other necklace, without the extra bulk. This Baublebar choker has all the bling you could want in a neck accessory, with gems embedded in the front to add a pop of shine to your outfit.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

7. Envelope Chain Choker

From ASOS comes this simple choker with a thin gold chain and a cute envelope charm. The letters “P.S.” are part of the envelope design as well. The color and the thinness of the cord make it easy to wear, since it blends in easily with the skin and works well around any top.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

8. Scalloped Lace Choker

This cute necklace has a small heart pendant at the front, as a piece hanging from a lovely black lace band with scalloped edges. It is a simple, neck-hugging choker that works as a great accessory for just about anything. Buy one from Shopbop!

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

9. Assorted Stone Choker

This choker from Free People has a lot of options for ordering. There are 12 options for stone/metal combinations here, so you can look through and choose which ones you can’t live without. Each has a rich, lovely color that can bring something unique to your favorite outfits.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

10. Silver Hamsa Choker

This choker has a mid-sized hamsa pendant as its source of embellishment. The Arabic hamsa hand has always been a rather Indie trend, so it makes sense to pull it together with the reemerging 2016 choker trend as well. You can buy one of these from ASOS.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

11. Velvet and Crystal Choker

Featuring a Swarovski crystal pendant, this velvet choker has a rather simplistic and luxurious appeal. Available from Bergdorf Goodman, you can buy this cute piece to add a touch of elegant youth to your favorite outfits. The burgundy tied-off back brings in the youth, since it’s a simple bow with the style decisions adding in the maturity.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

12. Simple Medallion Choker

It’s always nice to look to Forever 21 when fads come back into style, because more than likely you’ll find cute renditions for a low price. Here we have a cheap (under $4) faux suede choker band with a cute, abstract pendant on it. You can buy it in burgundy/gold or black/silver.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

13. Geometric Cord Choker

The geometric shapes at the front of this choker add an interesting dimension to the often complete band of chokers. The clasp is also adjustable, so you can go for a looser fit depending on your personal preference. You can find it at ASOS.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

14. Grey Seashell Choker

Perfect for beach season, this cute grey choker from Misguided features some dangling shells in a nice neutral color. Simple metal loops hold the shells to the necklace. The overall look of this choker is a bit quirky, but a whole lot of fun to wear during the summer.

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

15. Stretch Velvet Choker

At the heart of this cute velvet choker is a circular turquoise pendant. It is a simple band with a lovely pendant that is already popular on full-length necklaces. This shows that you can have both the utility of a choker and the style of necklace pendants. Buy one of these from Shopbop!

15 Cool Chokers for 2016: Shopping Online

Photos courtesy of @areyouami, Baublebar, Nasty Gal, ASOS

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