15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015

Army, sport, flowers, wild jungles and rainforests, Barbie dolls, video games, the Americana, pop cultures and so on. These were the main themes of fashion shows during New York Fashion Week spring 2015. The dresses created by the most talented of the world’s designers were able to transfer the unique feel every collection possessed, but without the most unique and one-of-a-kind accessories that complemented the looks, the overall effect would not be the same. We think we all agree on that, don’t we? So what were those unique fashion accessories that NYFW spring 2015 will be remembered for? Let’s find them out together!

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015

1. Suit-Hats from Thom Brown

You can always count on Thom Brown to present the most unique and extraordinary headwear. His new spring/summer 2015 collection was literally imbued with them, those suit-looking turbans that were designed by Stephen Jones, the creator of the most fascinating hats in the world.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Thom Brown Suit-Hats

2. Rubber Boots and Handbags from Marc by Marc Jacobs

After seeing the Marc by Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2015 collection at NYFW, half of the earth’s fashionista population talked about one thing: those rubber boots which, in fact, looked like a special edition of Dr Martens with no laces. Coming in several colors, they were what was missing from the wardrobe of the most chic and stylish fashionista. Add to that the dumbbell-like handbags, and fashion lovers are eternally grateful to Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes and Bags

3. Butterfly Shoes from Lie Sang Bong

So if you want to be that sophisticated lady this spring, getting a pair of these utterly dramatic and breathtaking butterfly adorned heels is what you need to do! We absolutely loved the beautiful color and print plays of these shoes, which definitely looked like real masterpieces!

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Lie Sang Bong Shoes

4. Shoes and Handbags from Alexander Wang

The footwear that Alexander Wang unveiled at his spring/summer 2015 show, were probably one of the most interesting and original in the framework of New York Fashion Week, thanks to not only the one-of-a-kind heels, but also the unique formation of the soles. And is there a need to talk about those handbag-sneakers? Nice job Mr. Wang, you get the thumbs-up for originality from us!

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Alexander Wang Shoes and Bags

5. Oversized Hats from Donna Karan

Donna Karan hats too could not go unnoticed of the all-seeing eye of fashion critics and lovers. A little too big and long for the heads of models, these hats gave the Donna Karan spring/summer 2015 collection a unique charm and yet another reason to be remembered.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Donna Karan Hats

6. Shoes from Proenza Schouler

The open toe boots and sandals adorned with leathery fringes, the interesting shapes of heels all had their own share in making the Proenza Schouler spring/summer 2015 collection one of our favorites. Being rather original and unprecedented, these shoes are soon going to be in demand, we can assure you that!

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Proenza Schouler Shoes

7. Knee-High Lace-Up Boots from Rodarte

Without those spectacular and edgy knee-high lace-up boots, the Rodarte spring/summer 2015 collection would certainly look less interesting and exciting. Although they aren’t the perfect footwear styles to wear in summer, you can always turn to such a pair of killer shoes, when you want to make a big statement and adorn your special occasion looks with the best footwear options ever!

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Rodarte Boots

8. Suitcase-Bag from Nicole Miller

Travel mood was the focus of the beautiful Nicole Miller spring/summer 2015 collection, which was urging us to pay a visit to sunny Brazil. The beautiful suitcase-bag she presented in her collection will appeal to the ultimate jet-setter girls, who love to travel in style.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Nicole Miller Suitcase-Bag

9. Outworldly Sandals from Christian Siriano

The Christian Siriano spring/summer 2015 collection is surely included in our list of the best NYFW spring 2015 fashion lines and this is also due to the modern shoe designs he presented. Those Lucite heeled sandals were decorated with various interesting embellishments, always looking unique and simply rad!

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Christian Siriano Shoes

10. Fan Clutch from Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia is the ultimate winner, when it comes to girly and one-of-a-kind garments and extraordinary accessories. This spring, the designer captures our hearts with the lovely fan-like clutch, put in the shades of light yellow, cream and black.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Alice + Olivia Clutch

11. Origami Clutch from Herve Leger by Max Azria

The list of the most spectacular clutches for spring is leaded by this origami clutch from Herve Leger by Max Azria. It looks so special and modern, at the same time featuring a high dose of femininity and elegance.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Herve Leger by Max Azria Clutch

12. Animal Handbags from Kate Spade

We have already told you how much we loved those animal-themed handbags presented in the Kate Spade spring/summer 2015 collection, so there was no way they didn’t make it into our list of most unique fashion accessories of New York Fashion Week spring 2015.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Kate Spade Bags

13. Triangle Clutches from MM6 Maison Martin Margiela

No one can ever forget the absolutely unique MM6 Maison Martin Margiela spring/summer 2015 collection, which stood out not only with its unique style interpretations, but also chic accessories, particularly the fringed triangle clutches, which everyone would love to have for standing out in the crowd. These avant-garde clutches featured various lengths of fringes, yet always managed to look wow-worthy and memorable.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Bags

14. Head Accessories from Jeremy Scott

Party hats adorned with feathers, flowers, key chains, little stuffed and plastic animals, fake hair in all colors of the rainbow are not something you can wear every day, but that was something that will keep on reminding us about the Jeremy Scott spring/summer 2015 collection.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Jeremy Scott Hair Accessories

15. High-Tech Choker from Narciso Rodriguez

It’s hard to understand exactly what resembles this high tech choker from Narciso Rodriguez, however, it’s unquestionably modern, cool and eye-catching. Having one like this, you are sure to give a modern touch to your evening looks.

15 Unique Fashion Accessories from NYFW Spring 2015: Narciso Rodriguez Choker

Of course, our list could go on and on, as there was a lot to see and admire at NYFW. These were just some of our favorite accessories from the fashion week in New York. Did we miss anything? Comment below to tell us!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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