15 of The Best Fashion Accessories Spotted at London Fashion Week Spring 2015

Discussing the fabulous fashion weeks that are rushing to amaze and stun us with the super great diversity of vibes and design interpretations we can speak about the unique and super creative picks of fashion accessories too. Since accessories are some of the most specific and important style shaping details of the combos, we never underestimate their value thus presenting the top fashion accessories spotted at London Fashion Week spring 2015! So the list goes as follows!

Best Fashion Accessories Spotted at London Fashion Week Spring 2015

1. The Jonathan Saunders Boots

These are probably the first catchiest details that we would like to speak about now. Judging from the style of those curious boots coming with leather texture and having some metallic O-rings on, we already feel the presence of someone famous and creative in the creation of these pieces. And that feeling proves to be justified because the creator of these pieces is famous Christian Louboutin.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Jonathan Saunders Boots

2. The Shoes and Scarfs of Simone Rocha

The fluffiest and the cutest pieces we could ever find have been presented during the show of Simone Rocha. This is the key according to which the usual and simple pieces acquire so much charisma and appealing looks thus making great accompaniment to the most extravagant outfits. The weightless effect is another great detail about these pieces.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Simone Rocha Shoes and Scarfs

3. The Tassel-Adorned Shoes by Giles

Having details like tassels on boots seems to have become a whole fashion trend for the coming spring and the show of Giles is another great source for finding the best pieces of this design. The diversity of the shades including the metallic silver option is really catchy and noteworthy. They will make great design pairs not only for everyday look, but for events and parties, as well.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Giles Shoes

4. The Extravagant Hats of J.W. Anderson

The headwear pieces have been noted with comparably smaller proportions this time, and the most noteworthy exemplars of chic and glam were the leather wide-brim hats by J.W. Anderson, who managed to create the feel of mystery and enigma proficiently matching it with the rest of the stylish and feminine details.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: J.W. Anderson Hats

5. The New Mulberry Handbag: Delphinium

News were not missing from the fashion week either and now we have one more great suggestion from Mulberry coming as the freshest Delphinium handbag. The classic forms and the nicely picked color combinations are the best details accentuating the looks of this handbag.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Mulberry Handbags

6. Extra-Large Necklaces and Unique Gloves from KTZ

KTZ came up with a great range of innovations this time and the super huge metallic necklaces of golden shade with the heavy and huge pendant hanging from it just couldn’t miss from our attention.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: KTZ Necklaces and Gloves

7. Super Sassy and Creative Sunglasses from Michael van der Ham

The creativity and unique interpretations have gone true for details like sunglasses too and the show of Michael van der Ham nicely proved that suggesting the ultra-unique and imaginative designs of the colorful and rounded forms of sunglasses.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Michael van der Ham Sunglasses

8. Floral 3D Appliques for Handbags from Simone Rocha

The following extra creative details noted during London Fashion Week spring 2015 is the amazing range of classy handbags coming with the floral uber-colorful appliques, which do have their interesting say in the range of the trendiest motives and vibes of the season.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Simone Rocha Handbags

9. Super Huge Sunglasses from Preen

The drive for creative and unique sunglasses really seems to be having a moment for the season coming with such awesome suggestions as the extra-big sunglasses from Preen coming with colorful and patterned designs and matching various design interpretations and solutions with each other.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Preen Sunglasses

10. Thomas Tait Sunglasses

The following extravagant suggestion from London Fashion Week is the extra-big cat-eye frameless sunnies from Thomas Tait presenting a great alternative for those who like to go creative and sassy all the time.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Thomas Tait Sunglasses

11. Printed Purses from Burberry

The following impressive and chic suggestion comes from Burberry and gest the printed and patterned designs one being even more creative than the other. The text-printed purses are probably one of the catchiest details we noted during the show.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Burberry Purses

12. Handbags from Anya Hindmarch

When creativity has no limits we deal with a new fashion collection. This was proved during the Anya Hindmarch show once more, presenting the uber imaginative and cute handbags with 3D patterns and cartoonized prints. This piece is one of the most creative interpretations ever.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Anya Hindmarch Handbags

13. Christopher Kane Shoes

When modern vibes overtake there are also the classics to answer them back and the classiest combos of handbags and shoes from Christopher Kane come as the best reflection of those counterbalancing vibes. So do take these pieces into account when trying to find some classic looks for the coming season.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Christopher Kane Shoes and Bags

14. Classic Black and White Shoes from David Koma

The following mishmash of stylish with classic comes as the pairs of shoes from David Koma, joining the color plays of black and white with the ankle strap and T-trap forms of heels still having some nice plays of blank and covered parts for maximum effect.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: David Koma Shoes

15. Shoes from Roksanda Ilincic

Finally, it’s the creative and super great looking shoes from Roksanda Ilincic that come to join the list of shoes having tassels as key design details and joining creativity with the most impressive and cool design interpretations and shades. The curious textures and materials used here form another appealing and creative aspect of the looks.

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories: Roksanda Ilincic Shoes

Thus here were the most noteworthy spring 2015 fashion accessories from London Fashion Week that we would like to speak about, showing you the basic list of details we observed during the shows. What make these pieces so unique are the contemporary interpretations and the interesting comebacks of the classic forms, which result in the creation of curious and proficiently worked out looks. So do consider these details for the most impressive combos of yours and you will really enjoy the glances of everyone you walk by! Follow the fashion trends to discover more and do include these vibes into your considerations for maximum effect too!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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