The Trendiest Scarfs of Fall 2014 and The Ways You Can Wear Them

Going on with the introduction of the trendiest pieces of the fall season, we come to such a must-have accessory as a scarf! This is, indeed, one of the most significant and noteworthy details about a look of a lady that might thoroughly change and spice up her outfits if used correctly. So here we are going to speak about the trendiest scarfs of fall 2014 and the most suitable ways and styles using which you can wear them.

Fall 2014 Trendiest Scarfs for Women

Fall 2014 Trendy Scarfs and Shawls

Thus, the trend for introducing new and classy alternatives for scarfs has also interested the most popular designers coming up with not only the most innovative designs, but also with the greatest ways by which you may wrap them. So for these looks we’ve seen during the fall/winter 2014-2015 fashion shows, these accessories were not the complementing details of the looks but the key elements, which formed the whole style. The inclination towards big and wide scarfs and shawls is also emerging. They can’t be tied around the handle of a handbag but they can really complete your looks making them ultra-effective. The alternatives suggested by Christian Dior and Prabal Gurung are some of the most noteworthy designs of this type.
In addition, some designers also suggest using scarfs for the initial purpose for which they have been made, thus coming up with warm and comfy alternatives introduced by the impressive options from Rodarte and Undercover.
One more tendency turns the scarfs and shawls into pieces, which can be used as capes. So in this respect these pieces might also become ideal substitutes for the outerwear garments protecting you on cold days. Burberry Prorsum and Chanel have some really impressive suggestions about that.
Another stylish idea that you may use the scarf for is wrapping it around the body diagonally and fasten it with a thin belt on the waist.
The options made from natural and faux fur are also proving to be popular among the range pf stylish scarfs once more, coming to secure the glam and lux of the trend. Anja Gockel and Lanvin probably have some of the most noteworthy alternatives to this end.

Fall 2014 Trendiest Scarfs for Women

How to Wear Scarfs for Fall and Summer?

If you haven’t managed to buy a wide and beautiful shawl yet or at least a fur scarf then you may just use a summer scarf or a kerchief.

Using Scarfs for the Rock Style

Turning your kerchief or scarf into a bandana is the first step to becoming a master of the rock style, joining it with the sunglasses like the aviator types finishing all off with a black leather jacket. If you would like to have less manly look, you may use a silk scarf, which will look especially well and cute for long hair.

Using a Scarf or a Kerchief Instead of Boa

One thing that you need to remember is that a kerchief, which covers the shoulders, should have a small tie on the front, while the wider scarf is simply left on the shoulders and should sit lower than the elbows.

Using Scarfs on the Waist

You may also use your scarf as a belt or as an additional accessory for the belt. Matching the shades of the belt and the scarf is a good idea trying not to pick too identical shade with the dress.

Scarfs Tied Into Bows on the Blouse

This retro alternative of tying a cute scarf as a bow and matching it with the blouses can create some very romantic and nice combinations.

Using the Headwear Accessory Like the Feminists

Finally, the latest alternative created with the scarf and kerchiefs is the retro look of a feminist movement supporter gaining more and more popularity everywhere. So the main design is the kerchief tied around the head with a bow on the front. It’s not in vain that the days of the feminine movement are known in the history of the US as bad hair days.

Fall 2014 Trendiest Scarfs for Women

Thus here was one more ultra-cool fashion trend that we would like to introduce to your attention for fall, also presenting the main ways of wearing these scarfs for the most stylish and cool looks ever!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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