7 Festival Accessories to Create Statement-Making Looks In 2015

Festival season is upon us. This weekend we see Coachella, but around the world we can find dance festivals, beer festivals, sheep shearing festivals, music festivals and art festivals, film festivals and cultural festivals. There are so many to think of, so many places to go and things to do. You have to think about your wardrobe, your hair, your nails, your handbags and your shoes. You have to think about your festival accessories that are to be added onto your body or held in your hands in order to truly complete the look. So at the end of the day, after all is said and done, the alcohol drunk and the photos taken, you will have images of yourself that you will find stunning for the rest of your days. That’s where Nasty Gal and a whole lot of other retailers come in with their wide array of festival accessory selections to choose from in order to glam up and show off your character in a fun and trendy manner. After all, festivals are created for your enjoyment, no matter what type of awesome content they cater to the masses at large.

7 Festival Accessories to Create Statement-Making Looks In 2015

Stylish festival accessories for 2015 you might want to consider include pieces such as:

1. Gorgeous Chain Chokers: If you take a look at the latest fashion trends in the world of fashion, you will notice that chokers in general are back in style. They are big for the whole of 2015, having been seen in multiple versions as models of late trudged out onto stage at the fall/ winter 2015-2016 runway shows. We suggest taking on a chain version, perhaps with a beautiful blue stone in the middle. We say blue because the spring/ summer 2015 color trends as announced by Pantone include a myriad of blue hues, including aquamarine. You can have them thicker to look better, or opt for thinner versions if you don’t like things too close to the neck. No matter what though, covering up the neck is the latest fashion fad you might want to follow.

Festival Jewelry for 2015

2. Focus on the Eyewear: There have been so many different eyewear trends for summer 2015 presented on the runways. They come in wonky shapes and sizes, but we would say that you should opt for the oversized colorful thick rimmed shades with the dark lenses, perhaps with a touch of fun added somewhere on there. Fun pieces are what you should really focus on for the festival season, particularly when picking up the perfect eyewear accessories.

Festival Sunglasses for 2015

3. Straw Panama Hats: You will be wanting to shield your eyes, your head and the rest of your face from the glaring sun overhead and you want to be doing it in style. What better way to achieve both goals than by grabbing a gorgeous straw panama hat from the stand? You can go for a floppy as well, but the more structured designs often yield the best results. You will look fresh and chic, a woman with a sharp mind and a heart of a child who enjoys her days but knows how to carry herself in society as well. Plus, the wide brim does much to keep your skin from aging because of the attack from the sun’s rays.

Festival Hats for 2015

4. Bandit Queen Belts: High waists and tucked in blouses are totally trending these days. They will continue to stay in the limelight throughout the rest of the year, meaning that the waistline should be accentuated with a belt. And boy, belts are out aplenty. We suggest a Concho belt though, perhaps with a small jewelled embellishment added to the stiff leather that passes through the belt looks of those mini shorts you plan to wear for the next coming festival events. You will be showing off your belt, so it pays to invest in a proper one.

Festival Belts for 2015

5. Gilded Body Chains: You may have noticed the growing trend around you. It appears as if body chains of different types are in for the spring and summer seasons, but they will be dying out come the fall and winter, with good reason. They normally go both around the neck and around the waist, often in a single piece that rather reminds us of Egyptian Pharaohs or bondage wear in more delicate settings. They come in multiple layers from time to time, can encompass the shoulders and the neck instead of falling down and around the chest, or they appear in simple strings that automatically bring the eyes down to the center of the individual wearing it. It is such lovely trends that you can play with it with many different outfits you deign to wear to the festivals you attend.

Festival Body Chains for 2015

6. Chain Hand Pieces: Since this year is all about the 1970s and the bohemian looks, you can also try out the fun and gorgeous hand pieces that have you feeling like exotic princesses as you rock the night away at a music festival. Chains in general are in, but we suggest them moreso because of their dainty looks on the backs of your hand, looped around fingers and clasped around wrists. You can have them with stones or without, with charms depicting characteristics of yourself or as simple as can be. They may have a distinctively Indian look to them, but we know that the jewellers of that nation know what looks great on their women well. Hence, it is definitely an accessory to indulge in and wear to the fun-filled outdoor events we have been so fond of attending.

Festival Chain Hand Jewelry for 2015

7. Festival Hair Accessories: One of the biggest hair styling trends of the year of 2015, no matter the season, is the ponytail. Whether tied high or low, slicked back or textured, straight or wavy, ponytails are in. That means that you need to have accessories that amp up the look and leave you looking as amazing as can be, even in covering up your elastic hair bands. This includes leather ponytail wraps that we see appear all over the Fashion Week runways as well, adding style and a bohemian flair while bringing gout the rocker chic profile in you. What better way to look and feel awesome than by adding fun accessories to those gorgeous lock of yours that you have effectively pulled back, no matter how you have done it. It might actually look better with a few small braids here and there as well.

Festival Hair Accessories for 2015

Photos courtesy of Natalie Off Duty, Nasty Gal

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