Everything You Need to Know About Various Types of Necklaces

Necklaces belong to the type of accessories wearing which you should take into account the overall balance and the correct proportions for the looks as one of the most important and significant factors and conditions for successful outcomes. They do look chic and blindingly beautiful, but at the same time they may also turn into provocative and not positively catchy details for you, which is, of course, not what you should be aiming at when opting for a chic necklace. In addition, in order to be able to create the correct combinations with necklaces, you should definitely know all the diverse types of necklaces, each requiring a certain approach and certain limits of compatibility. Thus, the list of the possible variations goes as follows!

1. Classic Forms of Necklaces

Necklaces are the general name uniting the most diverse forms and types of rings surrounding the neckline. Drawing the basic difference between the necklaces and the beads we can note that necklaces can cover all of the neckline and end up with beads or a chain around the back of the neck. The diversified types of necklaces present options like the solid and uninterrupted ones and those having sectioned forms. Pearls and diamonds can all be used for necklaces, accompanied with metals like gold or silver most often having some decorative accents about them. Thus, you can consider the collar type covering the neckline with quite a significant area of expansion, as well as the choker, which is the tighter fitting form, most often used for completing the classy evening looks generally accompanied with updos that give the ladies an opportunity to show off their beautiful neck and make everyone jealous with the sumptuous and dumfounding necklace of theirs!

Everything You Need to Know About Various Types of Necklaces

2. Central Adornment

The next type of necklace that we would like to speak about as one of the most popular and gorgeous forms is the range of those featuring a central detail or central concentration of the main elements, which can again be presented with various forms and decorative vibes. What should unite them all are the central width and the noticeable difference of the distribution. You may have necklaces with bigger proportions of rings or other elements like that or just traditional and classic pearls or other types of beads or jewels. In the long run, if we are to differentiate between the basic types, we can divide them up according to their elasticity, thus noting the flexible and non-flexible types as basic forms.

Everything You Need to Know About Various Types of Necklaces

3. Pendants

Pendants are the accessories hanging from a chain or a thread, which can have metallic texture, or just be a piece of silk or velvet. The braided and furry alternatives are also included in the options. There are very many types of pendants encompassing the necklaces of various types, completed with pendants. As for the pendants themselves, they are made of all the different possible and impossible materials, including porcelain, ceramics, rubber, metal, etc. Pendants are also multi-functional, allowing you to wear them the way you wish, using them as brooches, or as anything else. They can also be of the medallion type, which differs from the simple pendants by the existence of a lock inside, where you can keep tiny things or photos.

Everything You Need to Know About Various Types of Necklaces

4. Beads

Beads are one of the oldest and probably one of the most widespread types of accessories and jewelry in the world! There have always been some periods for each country, during which people wore beads irrespective of their social status and financial well-being. Primarily, the basic materials for making beads were whatever people used in their everyday life including wood, or pearls those living by the sea managed to get. Nowadays, the range of the materials is even bigger, encompassing both expensive and cheap options. Jewels, plastics, glass, wood, etc. are all in now. What makes beads differ from the rest of necklaces is that it’s impossible to tell the exact center in case of beads.

Everything You Need to Know About Various Types of Necklaces

5. Chains

Chains are the following catchy and widespread variants of necklaces we can discuss. They are generally made of gold, silver, platinum, silver-plated and gold-plated alternatives and much more also not forgetting about the artificial metals! As for the sizes of the rings, we can clearly distinguish between those chains with bigger rings and those with smaller ones. And talking about the types of the rings, we can also note the iron-clad, anchor chains, cord types, those resembling bands, Venetian chains, plaited options, combined types and many more.

Everything You Need to Know About Various Types of Necklaces

6. Cameos

Cameos are like the golden alternatives between beads and pendants. They are characterized with a differentiated detail made of a catchy element and often also made with artificial materials. In addition, you can also fasten the cameo on a velvet ribbon and get what’s called like that “velvet ribbon”. This is another noteworthy alternative for cameos.

Everything You Need to Know About Various Types of Necklaces

Finally, again coming back to the proportions of the jewelry you may opt for when getting ready for a certain occasion, you can follow the advice of Coco Chanel, who noted about the importance of having quite a considerable amount of jewelry only if it is something authentic and precious. In any other case, the number should be taken to minimum.
Speaking about the universality of these accessories, we can especially concentrate on the multi-functionality of the chains and the pendants, which are separate and independent accessories, compatible with a number of other pieces. In addition, if you have a longer chain, you can always style it adding the circles of the chain into one shorter and nicer option.
As for matching the accessories with other pieces, the first thing that you need to remember is that you should match the shade of the jewels you’re picking according to the shade of your dress or one of the other accessories.
Still, what you need to do is follow the proportions to make the image more pleasant and charming for everyone. And in the long run you just need to have creativity to be more specific with your choices and the combos they come for. Your personality should be stated with those combos.

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