1980s Inspired Makeup Tutorial (With A Modern Twist)

More is more is so true about the 1980s, the brightest and boldest era in the fashion history with risqué looks both fashion and beauty wise. From bright color combinations and op art prints to mini lengths and shoulder pads, the Eighties brought some overwhelming trends to the scene, which many find undeniably unflattering, while others still worship in the modern world. And when it comes to hair and makeup, think eye-popping bright looks that are more perfect for party nights. While in the ‘80s women used to wear such heavy makeup looks day in, day out, you can actually follow this simple and bright 1980s inspired bright makeup tutorial to come up with cool party looks, especially perfect for the summer season!

1980s Inspired Makeup Tutorial

1980s makeup was characterized with literally “painted” faces with many layers of bright eyeshadows added to the peepers and tons of blush used to define the cheekbones. The trick to a successful look in the ‘80s was simple: the more accentuated your cheeks and eyes are, the more beautiful you are! While the eyeliner was applied mostly on the waterline, electric blue eyeshadow was the “trendiest” color to experiment with when it comes to wow-worthy eye makeup styles real It girls used to wear then. Add a bold secondary color and colorful mascara and you are ready to make heads turn, at least in the Eighties. Makeup was so popular then that even men ventured to wear such bright accents on their faces.

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Bright Spring Makeup Tutorial

To embrace the ‘80s makeup, you’ll need to combine a heavy foundation with bright pink blush, eyeshadows in a rainbow of bold shades, colored mascara and vivacious lipsticks, preferably in orange or red tones. This, of course, means breaking all those common makeup rules, the result of which might be something really scary unless you are a professional makeup artist and know how to skillfully combine clashing colors. Instead, we have taken some of the most characteristic trends of the ‘80s makeup and modernized them a little to present this lovely look, which is bright, bold and fresh without looking wrong any way. To copy this look, you’ll need:

• Makeup base, foundation, concealer
• Blush
• Eyebrow kit
• Eye primer
• Eyeshadows in brown, eggplant and yellow
• Ivory and black gel eyeliner
• Blue eyeliner
• Black mascara
• False eyelashes
• Bright coral lipstick
• Makeup brushes

Step 1: We aren’t going to create the typical cake-y face that served as the ideal canvas for an ‘80s makeup look. Instead, we suggest applying a makeup base on a freshly washed face and covering it with a good foundation, making sure you blend really well to create a uniform look. In case you have a problematic skin, make sure to use concealer as well. A soft pink blush applied on the cheekbones will give the perfect ‘80s vibe to your face; only make sure not to overdo it to avoid any makeup blunders.

Step 2: Powerful eyebrows were the prettiest thing on a girl’s face in the Eighties and we are going to try to get the same effect. Use an eyebrow kit to fill in your brows and get that ideal bushy look (ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony).

Step 3: Prime your lids to prep them for the eye makeup. Blend a pinkish brown eyeshadow in the crease (Dusty Rose from ABH Artist Palette) and define it using an eggplant color (Aubergine from the same palette).

Step 4: Cover your mobile lid with ivory gel eyeliner, which will act as a base for your eye makeup (Atelier Paris Gel Eyeliner). Now, apply a yellow eyeshadow over the ivory gel eyeliner (Phresh from the same palette).

1980s Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Step 5: To give the lovely winged look to your eye makeup, apply black gel eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. On the waterline apply an aqua blue color (Sleek Eau La La Liner in Cobalt Blue) and then also apply brown eyeshadow to the lower lid (Baby, I’m a Star from the same palette).

Step 6: Since you already have enough colors on your peepers, it’s advised to apply black mascara instead of the colored one. Use false eyelashes as well to get super-long eyelashes.

Step 7: Although the basic makeup rule suggests emphasizing either the eyes or the lips, the ‘80s makeup style is about emphasizing both. Apply a coral lipstick to finish off your makeup (Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Neon Coral)!

Makeup by Evelina Paunescu for Fashionisers.com

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