10 Bad Skin Habits To Quit This Summer

We all know that summer is the very suitable and cool season for enjoying the sun, having fun on the beach, spending time with friends and just forgetting about the daily chores and worries that you generally have during busy working days and times when you are following the strict and unchanging daily regimen of your life. And this is also the season to be beautiful and charming and that’s one of the most important conditions securing all the rest of the fun! Thus, you really need to follow your looks and consider every single detail of them before passing to the enjoyment of the warm and careless period. And, of course, there exist a number of things that should be excluded from your daily routine, if you really want to enjoy the season to the full not worrying about the undesirable consequences. So that’s what we are going to speak about right now, presenting the 10 bad skin habits you need to quit this summer!

10 Bad Skin Habits To Quit This Summer

1. Forgetting or Ignoring the Protection of Sensitive Areas

This is something you simply don’t have the right to ignore! The ears, the hairline, the vamps, the area around the eyes, the neck, all these should be securely protected from the sunlight because they are more sensitive than the rest of the skin and will be subjected to the effect of the direct sunlight quicker than the rest. Thus, in order to secure the ideal protection you should take time to apply some SPF to those areas before going out, and especially to the beach.

2. Not Exfoliating Because of the Tan

There is a myth about tan being gone when exfoliating regularly. This is, of course, not true, because exfoliation does not reach the deepest layers of the skin, where the tan effect is created but only gently cleans up the dirt and the dust from the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. You may thus use these peelings for the night and use a good moisturizer a few times a week to have all the benefits of everything at once. This, of course, does not refer to the cases of sunburn, when you really need to cut down on exfoliating for a while.

3. Using SPF Only Once a Day

Sometimes you might think that applying SPF in the morning will be more than enough for you for the entire day. But you are mistaken because even the strongest SPF-s with waterproof formula won’t be able to secure your protection for the whole day. You really need to reapply it at least every 2 hours in order to have a guaranteed protection against sunlight.

4. Not Hydrating the Skin Properly

Though you might think that you are constantly hydrating your skin using a moisturizer frequently enough during the day, even that may appear to be not enough actually. That’s why it’s important that you remember to apply a thin layer of moisturizer to your skin before applying the SPF every morning also using the moisturizer for the night applying it on the clean skin and letting the latter to recover from the influence of the sun recovering from the dehydrated state, too.

5. Falling Asleep Under the Sun

This is the following thing that is extremely not recommended for you to do. First of all you risk getting dehydrated and suffering a heat stroke. In addition, you increase the risk of sunburns and become subjected to the aggressive influence of the sun. Thus, if you can’t stand the desire to fall asleep, you can do that in the shadow or indoors.

6. Do Not Rely on Umbrellas or Hats

Sometimes you might think that there is nothing wrong about staying under the direct sunlight or even sleeping under the sun if you have an umbrella or a hat on. Still, this is, in fact, dangerous because none of these two will be able to protect you against the sunlight properly and you will be subjected to the same risks as in case of not having them. Still, it is a good idea for not long stays under the sun accompanied with such accessories as sunglasses.

7. Not Using Sunscreen on Cloudy Days

When you see the cloudy weather you might think that there is no need to apply the sunscreen, because there’s actually no sun outdoors. In fact, the sun is there and the sunlight still penetrates through the clouds to the earth. That’s why you really need to use sunscreen irrespective of the weather outdoors.

10 Bad Skin Habits To Quit This Summer

8. Applying Heavy Makeup

When taking care of hydration and sunscreen, you should also take into account the fact that your skin also needs to breathe. That’s why it’s essential to keep the makeup application to the minimum proportions possible, limiting with hydration, protection, and aftersun treatment. Heavy layers of makeup will only harm the skin, that’s why you shouldn’t use any type unless it’s inevitable. You can use the holidays as a period for giving your skin some time to rest.

9. Going to Sleep Without Removing the Makeup

The next thing you really need to avoid and that refers not only to summer days but also to your beauty routine in general is going to bed with your makeup on. This is simply devastating for your skin, because the layer of makeup only clogs the pores not letting the skin breathe, not speaking about hydration and cleaning.

10. Regularly Going to Bed Too Late

This might sound boring, because saying summer fun, all of us do imagine the night parties and everything. But still, you really need to get enough sleep in order to let your skin, your brain and your body have a rest after the long and tiring day on the beach or outdoors. You can, of course, attend those late-hour parties, but be sure not to keep that in regular every day basis.

Thus, here were the ten most important don’ts that we would like to speak about, when noting the basic things you need to avoid during summer. Following these tips you’ll have all the chances and necessary basis for enjoying the holidays to the full coming back to your usual routine full of energy and great mood.

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