Bleaching Eyebrows: The New Beauty Trend of Fall

When the fame of Cara Delevingne reached its top, almost every girl wanted to resemble her dramatic look with dark bushy eyebrows, and it was exactly when the trend of filling in eyebrows came to fashion. However, changing the look of the eyebrows didn’t stop here, as exactly last spring Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga decided to present the opposite trend, bleaching their eyebrows to almost invisibility. Apparently, the idea appealed to many fashionisers and makeup artists, the result of which was quite noteworthy bleached eyebrow looks spotted at the fall 2014 fashion week. Consequently, bleaching eyebrows is included among the hottest fall/ winter 2014-2015 makeup trends, and below we present some of the cool looks featuring such eyebrow styles taken straight from the catwalk!

Bleaching Eyebrows: The New Beauty Trend of Fall

How to Wear Bleached Eyebrows

“Erasing” eyebrows from the face may seem a bit unusual and weird, however, when combined with the right makeup style this look can appear quite beautiful too. It’s just you need to know when to go for bleached eyebrows and when not to. Besides if you fear that maybe the new style of eyebrows won’t appeal to you, no need to go for the bleaching method, as you can reach the same effect using certain makeup products too. And any time you don’t like it, just remove the makeup and go for your natural look!

You may think that for styling perfectly beached eyebrows, you still need to trim and tweeze your brows beforehand, however, it’s not actually true. To get the ultimately expressive forms of invisible eyebrows, you just need to leave your natural brow hair grow out completely in order to give the “thick” texture to your brows.

Perhaps one of the most unique and festival-ready ways of wearing bleached eyebrows was demonstrated by Emilio Pucci, at the show of which models resembled forest fairies, wearing completely nude makeup looks with lots of golden loose powder used for emphasizing not only the eyebrows but also some part of the forehead reaching the brow line. This look certainly isn’t the best option for everyday wear, however, for some party nights you can go for it.

Bleaching Eyebrows: Emilio Pucci
Similar haunted look was spotted at Alexander McQueen, when the models walked down the catwalk wearing awe-inspiring bold makeup with the main emphasis put on the eyes and brows. The skin was left nude and bare along with the lips, while the eyes were highlighted with a blend of brown and golden hues and the eyebrows were bleached to invisibility, looking so perfect with this makeup style. Generally when bleaching your eyebrows, make sure to pick the most matching makeup style for this look, either leaving your entire face nude for a more innocent effect or highlighting some part of your face only, be that the eyes or the lips. Bleached blond eyebrows look especially amazing in combination with matte translucent skin and some metallic makeup shades.

Bleaching Eyebrows: Alexander McQueen
Most blondes are lucky in respect of this new beauty trend, as they are granted with bleached eyebrows by nature and now instead of filling them in and emphasizing them, they simply can go out bare faced and still look trendy and cool. Bleached eyebrows also flatter those girls, who have dyed their hair into the blonde shade, since invisible eyebrows look harmonious with the blonde hair color. This is what we could see at Peter Som or Costume National, when the models wore platinum blonde hair harmonized with the bleached brows.

Bleaching Eyebrows: Peter Som
On the other hand, those with darker hair shades aren’t encouraged to experiment with this beauty trend, as the big contrast between the hair color and the bleached brows may look a bit weird and definitely unnatural. Still, those It girls, who are self-confident and bold enough can go for such a look, as we saw it at Alexander Wang, for instance, when the dark hair color of the models created such a dramatic effect being combined with the bleached brows.

Bleaching Eyebrows: Alexander Wang
As for the perfect hairstyle you can wear with bleached eyebrows, there are absolutely no restrictions here. You can try a sleek ponytail as in the case of Givenchy, or go for a straight bob cut, as Marc Jacobs showed it. The side-parted wet effect ponytail of Jonathan Saunders looked totally dramatic and futuristic with the bleached brows.

Bleaching Eyebrows: Givenchy
Whether you still give preference to bushy brows or want to try the new beauty trend of bleaching eyebrows, you are always welcome to experiment with various styles of beauty trends and change your looks from time to time for fresh and memorable appearances of yours. Temporary “bleaching” done with the help of makeup products is perhaps the best option to this end, since you can easily switch to your natural looks any time you get tired of the new trend!

Bleaching Eyebrows: Marc Jacobs

Bleaching Eyebrows: Jonathan Saunders

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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