How to Apply Eye Shadow

If you really want to have a cheerful and glamorous look, never miss the most accentuating makeup product called the Eye Shadow. This wonderful instrument adds color and liveliness to your eyes and face in general. Eye shadows are the key elements in achieving a better makeup.

In order to get the utmost effect from this product, learn how to apply eye shadow correctly according to your skin tone, type, as well as eye shape and color. A correctly chosen eye shadow will highlight your natural eye color and compliment its beauty. There are different ways of applying eye shadow to suit your eye. Eye shadows are sometimes difficult to work with, if not applied correctly with attention to every detail.

Eye shadow application is one step only to enhance the look of your eyes. It should always be followed by eyeliner and mascara to create the desired look. To learn beauty tips to apply eye shadow, let’s have a look at the tutorial presented below.

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Eyeshadow Application Tips

Always have a variety of colors at home. You never know for what occasion you may be doing the makeup. Richness in shades and colors will always help you get the most effective result. Opt for those eye shadows, that you have tried before and think they stick to your lids perfectly and smoothly.

An eye shadow should not be applied on the lid immediately. As everything else in the makeup art, it also demands a base. So use primers or any other foundations that are designed to make the eye shadow last long. Choose between powder, cream and liquid eye shadows. The last two ones are easy to handle, since they blend well, whereas the powder one may be a little tricky if not applied on top of a primer, since your wrinkles, if you have any, may be noticed. Also to blend the shadows well take a brush rather than an applicator, since the brush is a real pro in the blending art. Also make sure to have an angled brush to work on the edges of the eye.

The basics for the application are as follows: Start with a clean face. Apply the base to your entire eyelid area. To play with colors and reach perfection feel free to use three shades: lighter, medium and a darker one. The medium color is going to serve as a base, the lightest color is the highlighter, and the darkest color is the contour. Always apply the eye shadow with the special applicator that comes in the kit, or you can use the thin brushes that you are used to applying it.

Apply the medium shaded shadow onto your eyelid not reaching your eye crease. Sweep the eye shadow out at the outside edge. Now take the lighter shade and apply it above the base. Sweep again.How to Apply Eye Shadow

Apply the darkest color to the crease now. Do not apply a thick layer of the dark color. Take a small amount of it onto the applicator and start drawing a thin line at the inside corner of the eye and make the line wider as you move toward the outside line of the eye lid. You can smudge it into the lashes slightly. And you are done!

These were the basics for an eye shadow makeup for everybody. Now let’s take every eye shape separately and see what suits each of them most.

Eyeshadow Application Tips for Almond Eyes

This eye shape is the ideal one that can wear any coat. Be it bronze, violet or purple, they will look fantastic on you. Apply a medium color on your lids, then the darkest shade, you can also apply it on the bottom lash line as well. To blend, use a shadow brush and sweep it back and forth.

Eyeshadow Application Tips for Round Eyes

For round eyes you can use one color of an eye shadow. You can take pastel tones for instance. Apply the color across your lids to enhance your eyes. Apply the shade up to your crease but do not fill it.

Never take dark colors, they will make your eyes look gloomy.

Eyeshadow Application Tips for Asian Eyes

Create an ombré effect, using different shades of one and the same color. You can take, for instance, silvery blue, ocean blue and navy shades. Here you have the following succession: apply the darkest one on top of your top lash line, the medium one just in the crease and the lighter one above the crease beneath your brows. And keep on blending the colors.

Eyeshadow Application Tips for Small Eyes

Prefer lighter shades of eye shadows. Apply the lightest shade at the corner of your eye lids. Then use a little darker shade. Do not take more than two shades. And be careful when applying eyeliner, since it is very tricky and can even make your eyes look smaller. Learn best ways to apply the latter according to your eye shape.

What concerns the eyes being wide or narrow set, then you should keep in mind the following tips.

Eyeshadow Application Tips for Close Set Eyes

Apply light shade in the inner corner of the eye, while keeping the darker shade for the outer corner.

Eyeshadow Application Tips for Wide Set Eyes

Use darker shades starting from the inner corner of the eye.

Keep these easy makeup tips in mind and benefit from your makeup as much as you can.

How to Apply Eye Shadow

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