How to Create a Natural Makeup Look

Makeup is what makes our face look even more beautiful, flawless, especially those days when we are facing unwanted spots on our face and do not want to show them off. Makeup itself is an art that demands attention to every detail. Wearing a makeup does not mean covering your face with whatever cosmetics you have at hand. An over makeup is the worst thing a woman would like to have. So, in order to learn how to create an astonishing natural looking makeup without creating the impression that there is a hard layer of foundation sticking to your face, follow the useful natural makeup tips below.

How To Create A Natural Makeup Look
Master in the makeup art and produce your natural beauty in the natural way. Natural makeup is the type of makeup that can be applied on daily basis, when you go to work, to classes or even when visiting the gym. It should be very simple and contain very few basic ingredients. The crucial thing here is to decide what looks good on you and works well for your overall appearance and keep on using that very tool especially.

• A fresh and clean look is the credo of your success. So start from the very beginning to achieve the desired base to build a natural makeup on. First of all you need to have clean face, so thoroughly wash your face or use a tonic or any other cleansing and moisturizing tool to get rid of all the dirt that may have been left from your previous makeup. Whenever applying anything on an unclean base the second layer seems unnatural.

• The next thing is preparing basis for your makeup, that is applying foundation. If you have fine skin then there is no need to apply anything. Let the face remain as natural as it is. Yet, if there are some parts that need to get smoother, then apply a concealer especially in the zones underneath the eyes, if you have black circles underneath, or around your nose. Make sure the concealer is the exact color as your face tone is. Do not cover the entire face with a concealer if there is no spot to be covered. Avoid creating an artificial look by the layer of concealer. You can apply the latter either with the special tool that comes with it, or with the help of a sponge and even with fingers.

• Next apply the foundation. Those who have oily face normally prefer powders though. Nevertheless a liquid or creamy foundation is easier to apply since they fit your face better and the layer seems to be thinner. Apply it with the help of your fingers or a sponge and blend well until it becomes uniform with your skin. For a more natural result, make sure to apply soem foundation under the jaw line too. Once the foundation is applied it’s time for the blush, if you are used to wearing it all. Choose the color that matches you best and apply a little amount of it onto the apples of your cheeks. You can smile in front of the mirror; your face will get the look that is most convenient to applying the blush on the correct zones.

• Now it comes to your eyes. In order to look natural avoid any eye shadows, be it a creamy, liquid or powder one. Every eye shadow itself already creates an artificial look. If you have fine lashes then only curl them and do not apply any mascara. Yet if you are not gifted with long lashes, then it is preferable to slightly highlight your eyelashes with mascara that is familiar to you and makes your lashes look natural. Absence of mascara will make your eyes look pale. Apply it carefully on the lashes. However, if you have small eyes and want to somehow make them look bigger or more expressing you can use eyeliners of lighter tones, like gray or brown, but not black since it is very visible.

How to Create a Natural Makeup Look
• Once you are done with this, the last and most lovely part of your makeup is the care of your lips. Take lighter tones of a lipstick or a gloss. Never use a liner to contour your lips. It has nothing to do with a natural look. Take something close to your skin tone, light pink, or for more emphasis you can as well go for a darker pink, depending on how it matches your lips. Apply a thin layer of the lipstick or the gloss and finalize your natural look. If you prefer gloss, then better take a transparent one. Your lips will shine but not look very vivid.

Even though some people are of the opinion that natural look means not wearing makeup at all, never lose the chance to mediate a bit. By following these easy natural makeup tips step by step you will have a fabulous, natural look, and it will be possible to tell that your are wearing any makeup only when your face undergoes a thorough scrutiny.

Photos courtesy of Jonas Jensen, Thinkstock Photos

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