How to Plump Lips Naturally

Every woman dreams to have full and sexy lips. We always try to imitate our beloved celebrities for their flawless appearance especially the so much cared face features. Plump lips stand on the first line of the overall look. It is so feminine, so adorable and yummy to have those lovely juicy lips on you. Most girls turn to the widespread surgical method to achieve those glamorous lips. Others, however, keep to natural methods, since once you have the artificially created lips, what will happen if you do not like their look? So undergo another surgery to recover the previous look? A useless waste of time and money! If you want to have plumper lips naturally, follow the beauty tips below.

How to Plump Lips Naturally
In order to get the desired lips, first of all drink lots of water: When your body dehydrates, one of the first places you will immediately notice “shriveling up” is your mouth. Your lips will accordingly look fuller.

Next brush your lips when brushing your teeth. This may sound ridiculous, but when brushing the lips, the latter is irritated and gets plump. Besides by gently brushing the lips you will remove the dead skin away from them. Once finished apply some lip balm or a chap stick for keeping moist and preventing lips from cracking.

Another trick you can try is using concentrated oil of cinnamon leaf, which will increase the blood flow of your lips, making them look fuller. It is painless, however, make sure to apply small amount of it. Let the oil absorb.

Also, you can try the sugar scrub method. Take a teaspoon of sugar and a little amount of warm water. Pour the sugar onto the water and press your finger into the mixture. Apply it on your lips, gently rubbing it and apply a chap stick afterwards. If you have sensitive lips take brown sugar. And if you want your lips to taste sweet, do this procedure prior to your date and amaze your sweetheart with the natural sweetness of your lips.

However, keep in mind that all the above mentioned methods should not be carried out on daily bases, since the lip skin regenerates slower than the skin on any part of your face, so allow the skin grow on your lips and do this action once or twice a week. Besides, whenever you have any open wounds, splits on your lips, avoid the procedures.

And finally, if you can whistle like boys, then try this method as well, since it makes wonders. It is an easy and useful exercise for your lips, since your muscles start working, thus they get enhanced and will look plumper. Feel free to do the exercise for several minutes a day and check the result after some time.

Anyways, if you are afraid or feel reluctant to try these methods, you may choose cosmetics to make the lips plump.

First apply a lighter shade of concealer than your natural lip tone is. Afterwards use some loose concealer powder over this and start lining your lips with a natural lip liner color, going a bit outside your natural lip line. Keep in mind that a lighter tone always makes things look larger than they naturally are. With a cotton swab, slightly smudge the line drawn. Now feel free to apply the lipstick you choose (never take dark colors), applying it with a brush. And for a clever trick apply lip gloss not on the entire lips, rather on the center of your bottom lip, which is by the way the fullest part of your lips. You will draw attention on to this part and make the illusion that your lips are all full.

Follow the tips, apply natural and light colors of lipstick, use a lip liner to create a contour and you will have naturally plumped lips.

Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

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