Lovely Blue Prom Makeup Tutorial

The prom season might not be so far, which means every stylish fashioniser is on the hunt for the perfect dress, a pretty sophisticated hairstyle to match it and, of course, the most delicate prom makeup look that will emphasize her best assets. Creating a harmonious look that will make everyone’s jaws drop is certainly not an easy task, since you should make sure your costume matches that perfectly coiffed hair and makeup style. As a rule, finding the most fairytale-like dress is the first thing you might want to do, which will already give you an idea about the correct choice of makeup colors and hairstyles. Pretty blue hues in makeup are quite versatile and can make perfect pairs with different colors of dresses, such as white, black or various shades of blue. Therefore, this lovely blue prom makeup tutorial can be your ultimate guide for when you try to pick the most ethereal and sensual makeup style to go with your prom dress!

Lovely Blue Prom Makeup Tutorial

How to Do Blue Smokey Eye Makeup for Prom

If you can afford it, it surely makes sense to turn to a professional makeup artist on this big day, however, if you stick to our step-by-step makeup tutorial and follow our makeup application tips for prom night, you are sure to come up with equally perfect outcomes. Just keep in mind that a successful prom makeup look is about emphasizing your best facial features, hiding any small imperfections of the oily skin, making your eyes look bigger and more expressive and creating a kissable pout. The timeless makeup rule suggests emphasizing either your eyes or the lips, and when it comes to making a big statement, a dramatic eye makeup complemented with soft nude lips and a radiant complexion is the go-to option regardless of the occasion and the time of the year. Nothing can ever compete with an undeniably chic blue smokey eye makeup featuring lovely accents of brown and finished off with a peach glow on the cheeks and nude lips. To copy the look, you’ll need to have the following makeup products and tools:

• Makeup base, foundation, concealer
• Peach blush
• Eyebrow kit
• Eye primer
• Eyeshadows in peach, brown and matte black
• Pigments in greyish blue and glitter
• Ivory eye pencil
• Brown eye pencil
• Mascara
• Nude lipstick
• Makeup brushes

Step 1: You should start with a clean and perfectly moisturized skin, applying the makeup base (Make-up Atelier Paris Oil Free Hydrating Base Foundation) and then the long-lasting oil-free foundation to guarantee your fresh look the entire night (Make-up Atelier Paris Waterproof Foundation Highlight). Cover any small blemishes and imperfections with the concealer. If you are a bit more skilled than an average beginner, you may like to use a contour kit to perfectly contour your face (Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Medium Blush). Last but not least, apply a soft peach blush to add a radiant glow to your cheekbones.

Step 2: Powerful eyebrows can change so much in your expression, therefore never skip the step of contouring them using the most matching contour kit according to your natural eyebrow tone (ABH Duo Brow Powder in Ebony).

Step 3: Prep your eyelids for the makeup by priming them to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing and to ensure a long-lasting, smudge-free result. Blend a peachy eyeshadow in the high crease (ABH Orange Soda). Apply a medium brown shade deep in the socket of the eye and blend it well close to the nose (ABH Truffle).

Lovely Blue Prom Makeup Tutorial

Step 4: To accentuate the socket even more, apply a matte black color with a blending brush.

Step 5: Apply a greyish blue pigment all over the eyelid. Accentuate the lower lid with a brown pencil and smudge it slightly with a flat brush. Next, apply a sparkly brown eyeshadow on top of it (Truffle Glitter).

Step 6: Apply black eyeshadow as close to the roots of your eyelashes as possible. Highlight the tear duct of your eye with a glittery champagne pigment. Then, apply an ivory eye pencil to the waterline to brighten up the eyes and make them appear bigger.

Step 7: Use any type of a nude lipstick to finish off this lovely prom makeup look.

In case the colors of this prom makeup look don’t match your dress, you can easily change the blue color with any other shade you like.

Makeup by Evelina Paunescu for

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