Makeup Tips According to Your Skin Tone

Coming back to the topic of matching your skin tone with just anything you opt for, starting from clothes and finishing up with jewelry, we simply can’t omit the most important aspect being makeup. So that’s what we are going to speak about right now, discussing the basic principles, which you need to take into account when matching your makeup with your skin tone. Knowing these essential makeup tips according to your skin tone, you are sure to be able to always come up with professional looking and radiant makeup styles that can arouse only admiration!

Makeup Tips According to Skin Tones

Find out Your Skin Tone

This is the step that comes before any type of activity that you may do for having ideal skin and beautiful looks in general. And what else if not the exactly figured out skin tone can be the best guarantee of having the ideally matching picks. Thus, if you examine your skin, there are three basic categories that you can come across. They go as follows:

Fair: Skin tones like Porcelain and Alabaster fall into this category.

Medium: Almond and Olive shades compose the medium section.

Dark: Finally, shades like Mocha and Chocolate are included in the list of dark shades.

So after having found out which category your skin tone falls into, you’ll be able to find whether you need warm or cool undertones using that knowledge as a background for the further successful makeup application. Another cool way of finding out the skin tone is looking at your veins at the parts, where they are visible (wrists, for instance). If they are blue or purple, then you need cool undertones, whereas in case of green tones, the warmer options are the do.

Makeup According to Skin Tones

Thus passing to the picks of separate makeup products we can speak about the following options!

Picking a Blush

1. Blush for Fair Skin

If the result of your scrutiny shows that you belong to the fair skin category, then picking some light pink blushes can be a very cool and great option. The sweet and juicy shades are really recommended in this case. This is especially suitable in case of having cool undertones. As for the warm undertones, you can pick shades having some yellowish backgrounds finishing up with peachy accents and tones like apricot.

2. Blush for Medium Skin

Discussing the tones for cool undertones we can point out the shades like soft rosy pinks. As for the warmer undertones, your picks should focus around the tones like golden apricots, browns, and corals.

3. Blush for Dark Skin

The best alternatives for dark tones of skin with cool undertones are the bright alternatives like tangerines. As for the warmer options, they can be matched with vivid pinks most effectively.

Picking Eyeshadow

1. Eyeshadow for Fair Skin

Again discussing the two possible options of fair skin, we can suggest using soft pinky and icy pastel tones. Coming to warmer skin undertones, we can note the light pinks, muted greens, and ivory tones.

2. Eyeshadow for Medium Skin

A medium skin with cool undertones definitely requires gray and lavender shades for the eyes, which will look maximum effective with them. As for those having medium skin with warmer undertones, shades like golden copper or navy blue can be recommended.

3. Eyeshadow for Dark Skin

For cooler undertones and dark skin tones, dark green is the unquestionable do! Shades like evergreen, emerald, and teal are the best ways out. As for the warmer tones, you can freely go for toffees, caramels, and bronze shades for your eyes.

Picking a Lipstick

1. Lipstick for Fair Skin

What refers to the choice of lipstick for fair skin and cooler undertones, we can speak about the cool pinks and light mauves as the best alternatives to try out. On the other hand, the warmer undertones simply ask for nude tones for lipsticks, but what you need to remember is that you should avoid shades like verge on brown. The latter is not the best shade you can opt for. In addition, you also need to avoid shades like burgundy and tones like aubergine if a Gothic look is not what you are aiming at having. The contrast that these shades will create with your skin may be too sharp and catchy.

2. Lipstick for Medium Skin

If you say medium skin with cool undertones, we say berry pink, brilliant magenta, and pomegranate for the best lipstick. As for the warmer undertones of this shade, we can advise you to experiment with the shades like bronzy and copper.

3. Lipstick for Dark Skin

Finally, coming to the varieties of dark skin shade, we can point out the great range of lipstick shades that’s available for the owners of this skin tone. In addition, the inclination of the undertones is not important either! Thus they can think about picking dark purple, chocolate, deep red, and bright orange tones.

So here were the main makeup tips and tricks based on skin tones that we would like to present to your attention, hoping that you will be able to choose the most suitable makeup products more effectively and easily in the future. Following these tips you won’t have to get disappointed just because the lipstick or the blush you bought and thought would be perfect on you is absolutely not matching your skin and face.

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