Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

While most women and girls dream to create a blue-eyed look by opting for contact lenses, there are girls, who have this gift by nature. Nothing can compete with the beauty and innocence of sky blue eyes, especially when you have dark hair and a swarthy complexion. And when it comes to makeup, you can consider yourself the luckiest person, since blue-eyed girls look amazing wearing almost any eye shadow color, from warm to cool tones, including the most versatile and popular shades – browns, pinks, vanillas and beiges. If chosen and applied correctly, the eye shadows can enhance the beauty of your blue eyes and make them pop instantly. Here, we bring basic makeup tips for blue eyes to help you emphasize your twins-wonders in the most divine way.

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Best Makeup for Blue Eyes: What Colors to Match with Blue?

Eye makeup for blue eyes usually doesn’t require too many combinations when it comes to eye shadow colors. Besides the aforementioned neutral palettes of brown, beige and pink, much warmer shades also flatter blue eyes, especially tones of dark orange, gold and brick red. Shades of lavender, purple and violet match blue eyes incredibly, letting you create super-stunning makeup looks that instantly pop out.

Blue-eyed girls can also experiment with brighter, much cooler eye shadow tones, such as navy blue, dark gray, silver, graphite, turquoise, plum purple, cool pink and cocoa brown. You can also go for eye pencils and eyeliners in these tones. In summer, opt for yellow and orange shades to brighten up your look. These are, actually, a little “hard-to-sport” colors when it comes to makeup for blue eyes, however, when combined with brown, you can create sensational looks.

Blue-eyed beauties are also welcome to try smokey eye makeup looks. The beautiful combo of black with garnet or that of black with gray will emphasize the sea blue color of your eyes, making you look sophisticated and sexy. As for the eye pencils, give preference to cool shades of brown, graphite and grayish blue, and rather leave black for special occasions.

Makeup for blue eyes usually requires well-highlighted eyelashes, since this brightens up the eyes. To this end, you can opt for black, brown or gray mascara. It’s recommended to use lighter mascara tones on a daily basis, while for special evening makeup looks, you can go wild using intense black mascara or a dark blue tone.

On the whole, before choosing eye shadow or eyeliner colors for your blue eyes, determine the look you want to create. For instance, if you want to look dramatic, you can juxtapose your light eye color to darker tones, such as black or charcoal shades. To enhance the color of blue, opt for more complimentary tones, like blue, green or orange. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize the blue color of your eyes, think earth tones, neutral, warm and cool shades.

It’s important to always stick to eye shadow colors that are more saturated than the blue tone of your eyes, because the eye makeup shade usually extinguishes the eye color. Try to avoid wearing the same eye shadow tone as your eye color is, since this may cause your eyes lose saturation and fade away. Simply opt for the blue tone that doesn’t exactly resemble your eye color.

Keep in mind that note all the eye shadow, eyeliner, eye pencil and mascara colors mentioned above look good for every occasion. Thus, if you work at an office, give preference to eye shadows in neutral shades, browns, lavenders and roses. On the other hand, for special occasions and romantic dates, you can go for metallic tones, icy pink and turquoise shades.

Having blue eyes, always be proud of them and make them the focus of your makeup. For this, leave your lips more toned down, giving preference to matte lipsticks in peachy brown tones. However, when you prefer to wear no eye makeup on a daily basis or to use just some neutral color, you can wear bolder, brighter lipstick shades. As for your cheeks, just add a slight color touch to your complexion by applying a blush in a natural tone.

It’s every woman’s dream to have blue eyes, and if you are already a blessed one, stay away from makeup mistakes and don’t make your eyes lose their life and charm. Stick with these easy makeup tips for blue eyes and make your beauties the center of everyone’s attention!

Photo courtesy of Stylebistro

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