Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Having chocolate dark skin tone is the dream of many girls, especially of those, who have pale skin tone. A dark skin color has both its pluses and minuses. It is good on the point that you seem to have a natural suntan, that is so trendy nowadays and most girls either sunbathe a lot or undergo special beauty procedures to get the look, or even use special foundations for a suntan look to have this dark color, while you, our lucky ones, can boast for having this sexy look without spending any efforts and time on such things. On the other hand, however, with a dark color of skin sometimes it is difficult to find a foundation that will really match you. Besides any pigmentation that can appear as a result of direct sun lights, are usually more obviously noticed on darker skin tones, rather than on light ones. If you have dark skin and want to use makeup according to your skin tone, follow the makeup tips for dark skin and have a natural and flawless look.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Foundation Tips for Dark Skin

Foundation should be chosen according to your skin color. There are special foundations that are designed for this particular skin color.

One and the foremost advice to you is never opt for lighter colors of foundation. You will look like wearing a mask on your face, which is so unnatural. Create a smooth and matching base for the rest of the makeup to look flawless as well. When picking a foundation check how it looks on your face in the natural daylight. If you cannot decide which foundation to buy, then take samples and try them at home. Make sure to blend the foundation thoroughly into your skin, however. You may even use several shades at a time if there is any pigmentation on your face.

When it comes to choosing the type of a foundation you can opt for liquid ones, which are easy to handle, besides they blend well with your natural skin tone. To start applying the foundation, first of all clean your face and apply a moisturizer. Next go ahead to apply the matching foundation with a cosmetic sponge or work with your fingertips. You can also use a powder foundation at the end. Note, please, that darker skin tones normally tend to get oily pretty soon, so you can struggle against this by always keeping a powder in your purse.

You may also need a concealer. Take one shade lighter concealer and apply it on some areas only, under your eyes especially.

Eye Makeup for Dark Skin

Those who have dark skin color can use more dramatic colors on their eyes. Some good options are gold, dark browns and bronzes. Use a lighter, shimmery color over the entire eyelid, and after that use darker shade to emphasize the crease of the eye. An even lighter tone than the base eye shadow can be used to highlight under the brow line. If you want to add a more dramatic look, then use eyeliner of gray or brown colors. Finish your eye makeup with black mascara.

Lip Makeup for Dark Skin

Since makeup is more vivid on a darker base do not use too much makeup. If you have already highlighted your eyes then do not take bright colors of lipstick. One accentuated part on your face is already enough. You can apply a transparent gloss, for example. However, if you have not emphasized your eyes, you can easily focus your attention on your lips, using such colors as cherries, corals, why not brown shades. Plum or tangerines also go well with your skin tone. However, refrain from orange shades they are a better choice for pale skin types.

If you have full lips no need to use a liner. For thinner ones, however use the liner on the outside line of your natural lips.

Blush Tips for Dark Skin

For a final touch apply a blush that matches your tone. You can go for gold one, that really matches you most of all. Red blush is also preferable for you. Apply it on top the foundation with a medium sized brush on the apples of your cheeks.

Emphasize your dark skin by applying makeup in the correct way to complement it beautifully.

Photo courtesy of Stylebistro

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