Makeup Tips for Round Eyes

We are back here with the basic makeup tips and tricks for any peculiarities and specific traits! In order to provide you with some details about the aspects of beauty in general, we are now going to talk about the round eyes and the ways of making them look better. Almond shapes are considered to be the most ideal forms for the eyes. But still, of you have round eyes, you may achieve great results accentuating them, too. So make sure to follow these useful makeup tips for round eyes to make your peepers stand out instantly!

Makeup Tips for Round Eyes

Talking about round eyes basically we can note that they are already quite expressive and curious without any makeup on, especially when coming with the accordance with oval shapes of face. But still, if the forms of the eyes do not match the forms of the face, you may add some details to them. The basic accents in this case fall on the upper lid. Arrows and accentuated eyelashes are of utmost importance. Darker tones manage to decrease the roundness and to form an almond shape.
Coming to the choice of the makeup products, you first of all need to consider the shade of your hair. For instance, in case of brunettes, darker shades are recommended. Whereas in case of blondes, lighter tones will do the best. Eyebrows shouldn’t be left out of our attention, either. Creating them with arrowed shapes is a good idea.

As for the tips about how to get the best makeup, we may note that before applying any makeup product, you need to refresh your skin with some thermal water, wait until it’s dry and apply the foundation or the concealer. You should remember one simple rule: in order to conceal something, you need to do that with the darker tones and whatever you need to accentuate has to be done with the lighter tones. The latter are applied with thin lines gifting the eyes with an almond shape. As for the darker tones, they need to be used for the upper middle part. In case of creating it correctly, you will have to create a triangle on the outer corner of the eyes. Eyeliner is also important here, coming used for the upper lid, accentuating the outer corner. As for the lower lids, a darker eyeshadow is needed. And finally, use some mascara for the best results.

Makeup Tips for Round Eyes
We may also talk about the general color palette that is recommended for your eyes, namely, you may try experimenting with brown shades, using neutral and cool shades for the base. Creamy tones or beige alternatives will be just ideal for this.
In order to add some almond shaped looks to your eyes, try considering chocolate tones. The lower outline of the lid may be highlighted with a pencil of brown shade. And consequently, use some brown shades for the mascara.

As for the arrows, you have a big range to choose from. Thick arrows are recommended in any case and can serve as basis for the smokey eye effect as well. And there are also certain tips connected with how to draw the arrows correctly, which include very many aspects. To name just a few, we may note that you need to hold the eye half-closed to see what you are doing there. Before drawing a thick line, you need to get done with the smaller one first. Going by both directions from the middle to the edge and vice versa is another good technique. The arrows on both eyes need to symmetrical. In case you’re having hard times drawing the arrows well enough, you may connect the line with dots first. To make the arrows last longer, you may use shadows of the same color. Finally, the colors may vary according to your preferences and apparel options. These designs may form a part of your everyday and party makeup looks. You may focus on the black shade for the evening looks and brown, blue, dark-green for the everyday options.

So, here was another useful arsenal of helpful makeup tips and tricks for your consideration and if you have round eyes, you may try out the validity of these options with your experience. We do hope you’ll succeed!

Photos courtesy of In Style

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