Modern Pin Up Makeup Tutorial

Flirty dresses in the retro style, beautiful head scarves, lavish curls gathered in a bizarre and effortless way and, of course, bright pin-up makeup… You’ll certainly imagine it all when recalling the whimsical pin up style of the ‘40s, and makeup certainly plays one of the most important roles for making up such a cool image. It’s all about bright luscious lips and flawless arrows that make a girl look like a graceful and mysterious kitten-lady. Throughout the time, the classic features of makeup have only got brighter and more diverse, however, very little has changed in the essence. This is one of the primary reasons why modern cosmopolitan women quite often give preference to pin up makeup style and hairdos, this way glamorizing their overall look to the maximum extent. Today, we present a modern pin up makeup tutorial for all those kitten girls, who look for new, yet trustworthy ways of injecting vintage glamour to their look and bringing out their best features!

Modern Pin Up Makeup Tutorial

How to Do Modern Pin Up Makeup

As with almost any makeup style, pin up makeup involves highlighting and bringing out the natural features of a woman, as well as skillfully disguising minor skin problems. In addition to this, the pin up makeup style has some characteristic features that distinguish it from all the other styles available. This refers to the ideally smooth and natural skin tone highlighted with a touch of blush modesty, bright and sensual lips, cat eyes classically embellished with eye-catching lashes. As a result, the image reincarnation appears desirable, somewhat frivolous without excluding the high dose of seductiveness it features.

The specific modern pin up makeup tutorial we present is composed of ultimately wearable minimalistic eye makeup spiced up with bold cat-eye arrows and vivacious red lips that look in such a beautiful harmony with the entire look. For recreating this look, you need to have the following makeup products and tools:

• Makeup base, foundation, concealer
• Blush
• Eyebrow kit
• Eyeshadow primer and a base
• Eyeshadows in light pink, peach, brown and orange
• White loose pigment with a gold reflex
• Black eyeliner
• Salmon watercolor eyeshadow
• Black mascara
• False eyelashes
• Red lipstick
• Makeup brushes

Modern Pin Up Makeup Tutorial

And the steps of this wonderful pin up makeup tutorial go as follows!

Step 1: One of the basic rules of the proper retro makeup look is an even skin tone. It’s recommended not going to extremes and overloading the facial shades trying tan foundation tones and bronzer. Start from a clean face, toning it and then applying a makeup base. Pick a foundation tone according to your skin color. You can set your makeup with loose powder. In case you have blemishes, don’t skip the step of using a concealer. Last but not least, give that ideal flush to your cheeks by using a sweet blush tone.

Step 2: Another important element of a quality makeup look is a well-groomed brow. If you have well-trimmed brows, you need to contour them using a brow kit according to your natural eyebrow tone. Follow our step-by-step brow tutorial not to make any mistakes. For this look, we have used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony.

Modern Pin Up Makeup Tutorial
Step 3: Prep your lids for the eye makeup by applying an eyeshadow primer and a base (Too Faced Shadow Insurance and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk).

Step 4: The classic pin up makeup style is about a bare eyelid or a subtle eye makeup done in flesh colors with a slight shimmer. Our modern pin up makeup look is done exactly this way. Apply a light pink eyeshadow on the mobile lid (Ballet from Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Palette). Next, apply a peachy nude eyeshadow on the crease (Orange Soda from the same palette). Apply a warm brown color on the socket (Sienna from the same palette).

Step 5: Apply black eyeliner creating the perfect cat-eye wing (Inglot AMC Gel eyeliner #77).

Step 6: Above the black arrow drawn apply salmon watercolor and an orange eyeshadow above it (Makeup Atelier Paris Watercolor in Salmon and orange eyesdhaow from Flormar P041 Quartet).

Step 7: Blend Sienna and Truffle from the ABH Lavish palette for the lower lid. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone with a white loose pigment with a gold reflex (Parisax Star Powder in Vanuatu).

Step 8: Apply a few coats of black mascara to create ultimately chic long and thick eyelashes. You may now go for falsies for the maximum impact (Ardell Demi 120).

Step 9: What shade of lipstick to go for? The classic pin up makeup look with a modern spin of course presupposes the use of the red lipstick (Flormar CW21).

Modern Pin Up Makeup Tutorial

As a final touch to your modern pin up makeup style, you can draw a small beauty mark on your cheekbone right under the eye. This will just boost the cheeky effect of your classic modern pin up makeup look!

Makeup by Evelina Paunescu for

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