Professional Cat Eye Makeup Tricks from Makeup Artists

Fashionable looks these days seem to center around animal related designs, and the infamous cat eye makeup is no exception. Surprising enough, this look seems to be a favorite even amongst the most reluctant of women who normally sneer at the thought of all that gunk on their faces. The cat-eye has been around since the time of the Egyptians when kohl was used to shield the eyes against the harshness of the sun’s rays. Except perhaps those lovely predecessors of ours probably had eyes slightly tilted upwards anyhow to achieve that effect. Then again, the worship of cats might have spawned this artistic manner of applying dark kohl and/or liner around the eyes. Today, the tilting of the eyes is but an illusion achieved by a steady hand and the knowledge of finding just the right angle to achieve the most glorious of results.

Professional Cat Eye Makeup Tricks from Makeup Artists

The average woman will spend years trying to perfect the cat-eye look. Worst part is, even all that time trying to learn that little flick right at the end of the liner might not bear any fruit and we may still need a few tries to truly be happy with the final masterpiece. We really wonder what the cat eye makeup secrets those pro makeup artists utilize are, particularly since they can achieve the perfect cat-eye with nary a sweat broken and before we can bat an eyelash twice. Here’s what we’ve learn from them!

1. Three’s a Charm: Apparently a single step will not do it and nor will two be enough. By first perfecting the flick at the end, you can then focus on ensuring the line is as thick as you need it to be and even on all sides. Finally you add a little line over the tear duct and connect it all with a line. In essence, you start from the end and come closer to the nose. Most of us do it the other way around.

2. The Shadow’s Your Friend: A rather smokey dark shadow should do the trick for this step. You should grab an angled brush and some water as well, wet the bush and use some shadow from the middle of the lid and spanning outwards. Fill it in nicely and add some mascara that starts from right at the edge of the lash for a truly sultry feline look.

3. Wings of the Cat: One particular hack that must be taken into consideration is the use of the angle of the lower lash line as a guide for creating the wing just right, making it look more like an extension from the bottom than just a line extending from the top. This will ensure symmetrical flicks every time.

4. Guiding with Taupe: This color of eyeshadow adds depth to the eyes and looks quite natural itself. If you create the shape and the angle with this taupe, tracing over is no hassle and instead it’ll create the perfect backdrop to the perfect cat-eye. It’s a really good hack to use before you actually draw on the liner.

5. Sticky Notes are for more than Just Remembering: Use the note as a ruler to draw the perfect angle on the outer corner of the eye with it, if you are having trouble with this. A marker liner is also a great choice with this hack, as you will get the right look with ease.

6. Wing Comes Last: If you put on that liner without the wing first, you might have a little less trouble with the concept of the cat-eye as a whole. Curl your lashes, put your mascara on and then combine all the pieces, as you will already have a good idea as to the angle you should be using. According to one expert, should your eyes angle down, it’s best to stop the line just before reaching the outer corner and winging slightly out, while rounder eyes should have the line extend straight out. You don’t need a diagonal angle at that point.

7. Pointers and Gels: Sometimes the best route to take is to use a thin pointy brush with a gel liner that is applied while you stare at yourself straight in the mirror, allowing you to see how it will look with your eyes open. We often pull the skin out and I myself am guilty of this crime. When we do this, it creates a different sort of line and might not be exactly what we envisioned.

Professional Cat Eye Makeup Tricks from Makeup Artists

Of course, there are many other cat-eye hacks to consider.

1. Using concealer will keep the liner in place all day instead of having it smudge to create a racoon-eye look.

2. The use of white eyeliner will add to the drastic look of the cat-eye. You can use it to outline under the brown, on the lower lid before you start with the black liner, and over the top of the lid to really make it pop.

3. After lining the rim with pencil, add some black eye shadow as well to keep it from smudging out.

4. Outlining a tiny triangle the angles out from the bottom rim’s edge will help keep things symmetrical and is easily filled in. You can also make a smaller triangle from the top rim and tone down the austerity of the look.

5. Instant eyeliner tapes are probably the best hack of all!

6. You can also add glitter to make your cat-eyes pop and really look festive this holiday season!

Photos courtesy of Elle, Glamour

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