Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

The runways at spring 2014 fashion week were flooded with scary, weird Halloween-ready makeup looks that remind us once again we are in October and it’s high time to get ready for the so much awaited holiday. The four big fashion capitals of the world were breathing an artistic mood, sometimes fun or frightening, even weird and hard-to-understate. The spectators of the fashion shows seemed to be in a renowned theatre watching performances about forest ghosts, blood-craving vampires and trapped wild animals. If you are still looking for cool Halloween makeup ideas, draw inspiration straight from the runway, checking out these gorgeous spring 2014 runway inspired Halloween makeup looks!

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Trapped Animal Makeup for Halloween

As the famous fashion house has already got us used to, we were all expecting something eerie and bizarre from the new Vivienne Westwood Red Label spring 2014 collection. The expectations were justified! At the show, the models resembled animals “trapped in the headlights trying to flee,” as the designer explained. Definitely a cool makeup idea for Halloween! You simply have to paint your face in white and splash some red and black tones over it. For a completely haunting beast-y effect, don’t forget to tease your hair.

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Thom Browne Insane Makeup for Halloween

If you want to look insane this Halloween, the Thom Browne nurse-and-patient makeup is right for you! The idea was to divide the models into two categories: nurses and patients, however, they all looked like insane clowns. The faces were painted all in white and the smudged bright red lipstick created a fantastic contrast. For a totally “silly” look, they were wearing wildly teased hair finished off with white hair powder.

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Tsumori Chisato Geisha Makeup for Halloween

The east has always inspired fashion designers and makeup artists to create something wow-worthy and this is definitely the case with the Tsumori Chisato spring 2014 fashion show. If you have decided to be a Japaness Geisha this Halloween, get inspired from this smashing makeup look. Either leave your face neutral or go bolder and paint it in white. Draw straight eyebrows and highlight your eyes with an orange eyeshadow smudged all around. Finally, create the ultimate small pout with your lipstick and get a creative hairdo.

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Givenchy Crystal-Studded Face Mask Look for Halloween

At Givenchy, models look undeniably edgy, futuristic and shiny, wearing crystal-studded face masks done by Pat McGrath. Not only the cheeks, nose and forehead were studded with crystals, but also the eyes and even the lips! To look that dramatic, you’ll, however, need lots of crystal studs, patience and time, since each mask at Givenchy took about 4 hours to apply, when two people were working on each mask at a time! Moreover, each model was wearing about 1500 crystals on her face and it’s definitely not jokes!

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Chanel Exotic Bird Makeup for Halloween

Chanel is definitely the trustworthiest source of inspiration, when it comes to creative looks in fashion and makeup. This year, Karl Lagerfeld’s colorful garments were even more highlighted by a no-less-colorful exotic bird graphic eye makeup, featuring greens, pinks, yellows and blues. You can look the exotic bird at the party, recreating this look and finding the perfect bird costume for you!

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Vivienne Westwood Woodland Nymph Makeup for Halloween

The second show of Vivienne Westwood brought no less creative makeup ideas for Halloween. This time, the models were woodland nymphs or forest fairies with faces splattered with “mud.” The effect was created with brown and gold paints, while the rest of the face was kept minimal. You need to style a relaxed bouffant with some flyaways around the nape, accessorized with leaf or floral head-crowns for a marvelous look.

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Betsey Johnson Futuristic Fembot Makeup for Halloween

To look “totally cool and glamorous but a little bit like a robot” this Halloween, try on the Betsey Johnson futuristic fembot-resembling makeup look. You’ll need to use a silver tone with a metal chrome finish both on your lips and eyes, while your cheeks should be painted in cheeky pink. As a final touch, get a wig like those powdery pink ones the models were wearing at BJ.

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Comme des Garcons Abstract Edgy Makeup for Halloween

In case you aren’t good at applying makeup professionally, yet you strive to have an original look at the Halloween party, you may get inspired from the Comme des Garcons spring 2014 show. Here, very little is required. You need simply to create a luminous pale makeup base on your face, leave your eyes neutral and smudge irregularly some black or any deep-dark lipstick shade on your pout. To have a totally abstract look, try to recreate those interesting updos the models were wearing!

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Gareth Pugh Brow Plate Beauty for Halloween

It’s no news that with every season, thick, bushy eyebrows become more and more popular lately, and Gareth Pugh decided to raise the bar this year. At the show, the models came out completely bare-faced with massive colorful eyebrow plates being the focus! This is, of course, an absolutely unique idea for standing out even at the Halloween party!

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Ground Zero Futuristic Geisha Makeup for Halloween

If the Geisha makeup looks a bit traditional for you, you may go a bit edgier and more creative trying the one spotted at Ground Zero. Here, the models were wearing white greasepaint on their faces painted in an asymmetrical, graphical manner. Using the same graphic technique, you need to highlight your one eye area or your both eyes with a bright color. As a final touch, apply a deep red lipstick and create a sleek ponytail.

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Yohji Yamamoto Candy Girl Beauty for Halloween

At Yohji Yamamoto, some models came out wearing a night makeup look, while other sported a day one. For the former case, you need to paint your brows in black, while for the latter one, go for white eyebrows. Styling childlike ponytails accessorized with neon bands, you are sure to look like a modern candy girl at the Halloween party!

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Mark Fast Bold Gothic Makeup for Halloween

One of the classic Halloween makeup looks is the gothic one. Get inspired from the Mark Fast spring 2014 fashion show, create a pale face and wear a black or deep-dark lipstick shade. Finally, tease your hair (preferably black, or you can wear a black wig) and you’re done!

While the spring 2014 runway makeup looks can serve a fantastic source of inspiration for stylish Halloween makeup looks to try this fall, you can always check out Halloween makeup tutorials, if you are craving for something different than the ones enumerated above!

Spring 2014 Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup Ideas

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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