Party Makeup Ideas Inspired from the Spring 2015 Runway Shows

The next month or 2 will be full of holiday parties that we’ll be dressing up for, followed by spring weddings, proms, engagements, baptisms and all sorts of fun activities wherein we often may just get our makeup professionally done for. Whether you are an artist and steady with the brush or you want inspiration to show to your stylist when you visit her next, here are some incredible spring 2015 runway inspired party makeup ideas full of stars, sequins, sparkle and a whole load of glam you may opt for. These are looks begging to be showcased from now!

Party Makeup Ideas Inspired from the Spring 2015 Runway Shows

Rainbow Bright

It may look slightly retro, slightly funky and slightly hippie, but the combination of cool-toned color blocks by Chanel really brings out the features and puts the focus on those eyes. You may not need to add so much of the color, but the intensely confident look combined with a wire-framed pair of glasses really creates an illusion of mystery, like a mask of glamour worn at the ball.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Brass Band

Golden liner does the trick in pulling your attention to the unlikeliest of places, such as the middle of those luscious lips. A single brushstroke really gives off unexpected results, kind of like wearing a pretty, glamorous lip ring and reminding us of indigenous tribes of centuries past. It’s lovely to look at, requires no actual piercing or body modification and lets us into another dimension in the world of fashion.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Star Stencils

Around your eyes, on your hands, on your ankles or your backs, these punk rock stencil stars are all the rage at the moment and will certainly add some sparkle to your look. They kind of remind us of those temporary tattoos we constantly wanted as preteens and then teenagers, up until the age of 18 when we realized that as adults, we should be acting a little more professional. Still, these pretty stars are a guilty obsession that we have held onto for the last decade or so. Tommy Hilfiger is feeding us what we have been secretly starving for. Pretty temporary tattoos for some diva glam!

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Candy Eyes

When it comes to making your eyes look like pretty little candies with their colors and pretty splendour, dotting your lids and underneath those brows with colors ranging from reds and yellows to aquamarines can really achieve that funky look! It may seem strange, but it’s most certainly worth the try, at least once.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Golden Glitter

If there was ever a look that reminded us of pixie dust, it’s the golden sparkles that have been added to the middle of the lid and slightly to the side, onto the end that meets closest to the nose. It’s not traditional in style at all, though the color has often appeared during the holidays. Now, we can be wearing gold flecks during the spring as well and who’s to tell you that you are so last season? It’s a lovely style that won’t be going out of date anytime soon!

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Eyeliner Earrings

When you have run out of possible earrings to wear for the day or you simply do not have your ears pierced and would like to adopt the cuff link look, use your eyeliner to color in the bottom of your lobes, creating the illusion of darker jewellery sprucing up the outfit. It’s an ingenuous way of assuring you always have the right accessories to adorn your ears with. Scattered sparkles on the face only add to the appeal, as shown by Anthony Vaccarello.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Gold Member

One of the best looks we see on the spring runway styles is the golden outline of those eyes, ending mid-lid at the bottom but applied on thick at the top. Barbara Bui really knows what pop and she’s placing the emphasis on those eyes, baby!

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Somebody Say Disco?

Apparently sequins weren’t only made to be added to clothing items and Antonio Marras proves it by adding the colorful pieces to the temple on the face instead. It’s stylish in a rather intriguing manner though we’re not sure if that will catch on to the look we don as we take to the streets. Who knows? We might begin to see those sequins on the skin in night clubs too soon enough.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The childhood favourite nursery rhyme comes to the cosmetic world, as suddenly stars are not only stencils, but also metallic accents added to the cheekbones and around the eyes. They are definitely an eye-catcher and rather remind us of “Ever After” at the ball when Cinderella decides to appear all sparking and faced adorned with glittering stars.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Crystal Clear

It appears as if lightly tinted cellophane sticks are all the rage in dressing up around the eyes, as we leave it sans any other form of makeup. This look is interesting but probably not the best out of these 10. However, it’s got its own appeal and should be easier to remove than traditional makeup would!

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Party Makeup Ideas

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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