Summer Beauty Tips: Tanning Tips, Hair and Skin Care

Summer is everyone’s cherished dream all the year round, a guilty pleasure, when you stop working and enjoy yourself to the max. Besides the noisy pool parties, summer music festivals and exotic vacation getaways, summer is also about one essential beauty routine for almost every fashioniser: getting a sexy tan! Although those warm sunrays are so much looked forward to and their touch on your skin feels so pleasant, it’s no secret that staying in the sun too much may lead to beauty and health disasters. The dream of a beautiful suntan is not always true. Quite often your adventure just ends with bad sunburn. On the other hand, you may have also skin problems, especially around the bikini area, when razor bumps spoil the look of your perfect figure and gorgeous swimwear. To avoid unpleasant surprises and to look perfect in the sun, we bring here some summer beauty tips, including tanning tips, hair and skin care tricks that will make you the goddess, wherever you go.

Summer Beauty Tips: Tanning Tips, Hair and Skin Care

Summer Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Oily skin in summer is perhaps the most common problem among girls and women. In summer, we certainly don’t want to put on another layer of powder to mild down the oily appearance of the skin. Instead of creating a mask-like effect, make sure to always have tissue papers with you to slightly touch your face a few times a day, this way removing the excessive oil without spoiling the makeup. It’s recommended to use mattifying creams on hot days. If you don’t plan to expose yourself to the sun too much, yet still want to take care of your skin, it’s advised to apply a toner with salicylic acid at night, which regulates sebum production. Mineral cosmetics always show good results to this end.

How to Treat Sunburn

It’s not recommended to go out, when the sun is shining more intently than at the rest of hours, but if you still go, there are some precautionary measures to be taken. The nose is definitely the most exposed part of the body, so make sure to always apply UVA & UVB sunscreen on that area and don’t skip the step of wearing a wide-brim hat.

In case you get sunburn, avoid taking hot showers and cool down your skin by wrapping your body with a cool wet towel. Panthenol, allantoin and aloe vera sprays and gels will treat your skin. Avoid using products that contain alcohol. Sour milk and Greek yogurt are natural remedies to treat sunburned skin.

Because of extreme heat and humidity, it’s common in summer to have headaches, dizziness and fever. To control the situation, avoid the sun, wear clothing made of breathable natural fabrics and drink as much water as you can. The latter step will also help you get a flawless skin in summer.

When the sunburned skin starts to peel, don’t tear the skin patches and never use scrubs not to get ugly scars and stains. Let the skin peel off naturally and always apply moisturizing cosmetic products on your body. After a while, the skin automatically regenerates.

Summer Beauty Tips: Tanning Tips, Hair and Skin Care

How to Conceal Uneven Tan

While lying in the sun on the beach, make sure to know the important tanning tips that will help you get a flawless, even tan. However, in case you have some lighter spots on your skin, like the bikini strap areas, you can always go for color cosmetics to create a uniform skin color, when you want to wear a revealing dress. Powders and primers will be perfect to this end. Cucumber, lemon and currant will brighten up the dark spots.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair

The problem of ingrown hair becomes more intense in summer, when you wear bikinis and shorts more regularly. To get rid of ingrown hair, use special creams that soften the cuticles. Also use exfoliating scrubs, precisely massaging the problem areas with them. There are some good cosmetics with salicylic and glycolic acid that also remove ingrown hair.

To reduce the skin irritation after hair removal, apply aloe vera gels or soothing aspirin masks. In case, the ingrown hair triggers inflammation or itchiness, make sure to turn to a dermatologist.

Summer Hair Care

The sunrays, the sea salt and the pool chlorine leave a negative impact on hair too, especially if it’s dry or dyed. To protect hair from heat damage, make sure to use nutritive hair masks once a week. Replace your normal hair care products with ones, made especially for summer use. Avoid using hair sprays and other cosmetic products for styling your hair and make sure to wear a hat before going out to the street.

Nice tan, shiny hair and a flawless, radiant skin! These easy summer beauty tips will definitely help you achieve the best results!

Summer Beauty Tips: Tanning Tips, Hair and Skin Care

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