Summer Makeup Tips and Tricks

Summer makeup should be maximum light and transparent, since the burning summer sun doesn’t like heavy makeup layers and eyeshadows. Natural makeup in nude colors will look absolutely chic and fresh in summer, while those dark colors and thick foundations are recommended to store for winter months. As soon as the temperatures go rising, foundation starts to drain, mascara and eyeshadows smudge around the eyes and it becomes essential to learn some long lasting makeup tips. Surely, nobody says that as summer arrives, you should go out bare-faced. Instead, follow our summer makeup tips and tricks and lighten up your look correctly, avoiding any makeup meltdown!

Summer makeup encourages minimalism and rejects using all sorts of makeup products that will spoil the look of your radiant, breathable skin. The less cosmetics you use, the better! This is the perfect time to embrace your natural beauty by experimenting with your favorite lip-gloss or primers. Replace your normal makeup products with ones that are light in terms of colors and consistency. Wondering how to create a trendy summer makeup? Follow our step-by-step tips for a chic summer makeup look!

Summer Makeup Tips and Tricks

How to Choose Foundation for Summer

The secret of a flawless looking skin lies in choosing the right foundation for summer. This is the time of the year, when you have to use foundation not only to cover small skin imperfections, but also to protect your face from the harmful sunrays. A lightweight water-based foundation with SPF is the perfect fit for summer. Usually in summer your foundation tone is slightly darker than your normal, winter one, since your skin tends to have a natural tan.

For a glowing summer skin, first apply coconut oil on your face after the shower. It serves as a natural moisturizer and hydrates the skin. Next, you can apply a light base on your skin with light-reflective particles. Use concealer on the problem areas and then opt for BB or CC creams. If you need a stronger coverage, try a combination of nourishing serum primer and tinted moisturizer. It perfectly blends with your skin color, giving a soft, satin finish to your face. Primers are highly recommended both for face and lids in summer, since they tend to make your foundation and eyeshadow stay in place throughout the day.

Using Bronzer and Highlighter

Once you have created the perfect makeup base, you should go for a little bronzer, without which summer makeup would look incomplete. Here, bronzer replaces translucent powder, giving a healthy tan to your complexion. To brighten up your face and give it a shiny finish, you can use highlighter at the end.

Applying the Blush

For a perfect summer makeup, pick a sweat-resistant pinky-coral blush. Keep in mind that lighter tones provide a more natural effect.

Eye Makeup for Summer

Summer eye makeup should be maximum minimal. Opt for matte or satin eye pencils and eyeshadows that won’t crease throughout the day. Pick natural, light colors for the day, and if you are going out at night, you may like to add some shimmer on your peepers for a glam effect. For a light beach makeup, treat yourself to a trendy wet look effect. And, of course, don’t forget about waterproof mascara.

The final touch of a gorgeous summer makeup look is always a sheer lip-gloss in delicate pinks or corals that will make your lips super-kissable! In case you have that perfect skin without any imperfections, you can definitely forget about summer makeup tips and go out with no makeup, just wearing a lip-gloss or a lightweight mascara to define a particular area on your face!

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