Tanned/ Bronze Skin Makeup Tips

Each of us dreams to have a bronze skin especially in summer. Some of us manage to get the best suntan thus having a natural change of the skin color, which is so cute and sexy. Yet others, who do not have the suntan, try to create the same effect by using an appropriate makeup that provides them with the same result.

However, all of us should keep in mind, that no matter the suntan looks perfect today, it should be much cared about, since during some time the upper coats of the skin start to wear off and the natural skin tone is being noticed. So in order not to have an artificial look with some spots or pigmentations on your face, learn how to care after a suntan. And why not use some bronze to make yur looks even better. To learn all about tanned skin makeup and the same effect created by bronze makeup, follow the tips below.

Tanned/ Bronze Skin Makeup Tips

Makeup for Tanned Skin

It is so appreciative to see a very smooth tanned skin which is wearing a correct and fabulous makeup. When choosing makeup for tanned skin you should take your natural skin tone into consideration to have a more fantastic look. You should choose the right makeup colors for your face to highlight your features in the best way. Take your time to examine the trends of the season to keep up with the most fashionable makeup tips.

The first and most important aspect in having a gorgeous look is choosing a foundation. Since your skin tone is dark now, you should by all means avoid lighter foundations, which will no way go with your skin tone. Ivory, light beige are not recommended to you. Do not take too dark ones, however, as well, they will make you look even darker. Better choose between more brownish colors of foundation (light brown ones) that will go harmoniously with your skin. They will blend into your skin easily and you will have a smooth and one colored face.

You should pick each part of your cosmetics with much attention. Do not forget to highlight your eyes cheeks and lips. To make your cheeks look defined use brown blushes. Go ahead and highlight your eyes by using such colors as gold, pink, as well as pastel tones, which suit almost every girl. Do not stop on only applying an eye shadow. Define your eyes with eyeliner according to your eye shape. Curl your lashes, apply a mascara and you will have a gorgeous look. To finish your look apply a lipstick that matches your lips best and also goes with your overall makeup. You are sure to have a very stylish look.

Bronze Skin Makeup Tips


You should by all means nourish your lips and protect them from the sun. With your bronze skin you can easily take any bright colored lipstick, such as red, orange or coral. Remember though, once you take these capricious and much appealing colors limit the makeup by highlighting your lips only. Do not over makeup your eyes or cheeks. Your look will be a bit alarming then. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and natural.


Your cheeks can be highlighted by bronzing powder, or you can use shades of pink blushes for a change. You can take darker shades though, since a light pink shade will not be seen on your bronze skin. You should remember to have nourished cheeks to make the blush appear natural. So apply a good foundation and then turn to the blush. You can take cream blushes, which have moisture and will naturally moisturize your skin. Once you have the ideal base for a blush, apply your preferred colors of pink or even coral and highlight your cheekbones.


With your skin being bronze, you can easily have smoky and sexy eyes. Opt for a black eyeliner, mascara, as well as gold eye shadow to highlight your eyes. Never take any bright eye shadow like blue, green dark pink or alike. Since your skin is a dark one now, better define your curled eyelashes with dark mascara and use eyeliner, rather than create a thick layer of eye shadow. Nevertheless, if you want to have colored and cheerful look, apply a darker eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye, and a lighter shade in the inner corner. You can be finish your look by highlighting your eyes with mascara, the latter will really look very expressive and emotional. However, if you like bright colors, then you can switch the black mascara to a blue one, which will contrast your bronze skin and you will look perfect.


They are always welcome for creating a final touch to your look. Apply the highlighter on areas like cheekbones, above your lips and on your nose. They will add an extra shimmer to your face.
Take an advantage of your dark skin tone and play with colors to define your features. Your skin needs a double care in summer. Apply each of the cosmetics in the right combination and create a very bright look to stand the hot and dry summer.

Photos courtesy of Viktorija Pashuta

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