Fall’s Beauty Trend of Twiggy Eyelashes

The legendary doll look of Twiggy is back to the beauty scene for this fall thanks to Gucci, Prada, Rochas and many other world-famous fashion houses, the shows of which were marked by the playful makeup looks of the models featuring super-long and thick eyelashes that could be spotted from afar. The dramatic and mysterious ‘1960s Twiggy makeup style comes to ideally match the romantic and melancholic mood of fall, spicing up your mainly minimalistic looks with a touch of extravaganza. Perhaps no makeup ever looks as special and innocent, as the Twiggy doll-like look, which is yet another reason for you to embrace this chic beauty trend this fall (Check out our Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial to be able to rock this look as skillfully as possible).

Twiggy Makeup Trend for Fall
Besides standing out with its dramatic allure, the typical Twiggy makeup style also tends to visually enlarge and widen eyes, making them more expressive and beautiful. Just don’t shy away from exaggerated artificiality and emphasize your lower lash line to the full and the result is going to be something utterly sweet and romantic. Such a makeup style may look expressive, however it’s actually wonderfully simplistic, which makes it a super-wearable option for day looks. For fans of the minimalistic and polished style, the Twiggy makeup also serves as a fantastic evening look.

Although the classic sixties inspired Twiggy makeup has one common distinctive feature – big eyelashes, it looks surprisingly diverse and interesting this fall thanks to the various lovely beauty interpretations of A-list makeup artists. Thus at Prada we saw spider-like eyelashes stuck to each other by means of black mascara, which perfectly complemented the romantic light blue eye makeup. The light coral lips only enhanced the innocent effect of this look. On the other hand, at Marco de Vincenzo models embraces a subtler and more everyday-wear-worthy look of this makeup style by keeping their faces clean and nude and highlighting just the eyelashes applying a few coats of black mascara for the spider like effect.

Twiggy Makeup Trend for Fall: Prada

Twiggy Makeup Trend for Fall: Marco de Vincenzo
The Twiggy lash effect was utterly pretty at Rochas, when the emphasis was put both on the upper and lower lids equally with the help of impressive false eyelashes applied and the black mascara used. Gucci’s style of the Twiggy makeup was also quite impressive, where the grotesque false eyelashes applied on the lower lash line looked significantly parted from the upper lashes.

Twiggy Makeup Trend for Fall: Rochas

Twiggy Makeup Trend for Fall: Gucci
Saint Laurent delivered an edgier and darker look of the Twiggy makeup, combining the sixties motifs of long lashes with the classy black cat-eye look. The result was something unique and eye-catching ideal to be sported to special parties. Similar look was spotted at Maxime Simoens too, however, this duo of cat-eye and Twiggy makeup styles turned out to be subtler and more minimalist.

Twiggy Makeup Trend for Fall: Saint Laurent

Twiggy Makeup Trend for Fall: Maxime Simoens
Still, the most creative and perhaps the easiest was of wearing the Twiggy makeup trend was shown by Vionnet, when the models didn’t use any mascara or false eyelashes to create this effect, but rather opted for an ordinary black eye pencil drawing three vertical lines on the lower lid resembling false eyelashes. Creative enough, agree?

Twiggy Makeup Trend for Fall: Vionnet
Sticking to the main motifs and traditional styles of the Twiggy makeup, which is using black or dark gray eye pencils and mascara, as well as false eyelashes, you can go for various techniques of creating such a makeup effect on your eyes. The chic result in all the cases is guaranteed! Our recommendation is to ditch the bright colors and colorful lashes and mascara for now, leaving them for summer!

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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