15 of The Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends

Now that the year of 2015 is gradually coming to its end, nolens volens we are throwing a retrospective look at the year of goat only to find ourselves snowed under an array of pretty and unique, yet at times crazy and weird beauty trends. We are more than gratified that flaming lips are a thing now, we are obsessed with graphic eyes a la Pat McGrath and we are surely going to follow the windswept hairstyle trend whenever time is short, but the wish to look mind-blowing and dazzling is huge. However, some of the beauty trends vagabonding in 2015 leave us on and off speechless and in a dither, doubting whether it will be adequate enough to follow this craze. We have rounded up the 15 of the weirdest beauty trends of 2015 that kicked up a dust in the whole world, some of which are sure to positively attract your attention, while others inducing you to immediately send them to the stock of silly and ridiculous trends.

15 of The Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends

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1. Funny Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hairstyle or Pravana colors? This is a dilemma similar to the popular question – “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. This amazing hairstyle appearing in multiple variations has already captured many hearts and is still fiercely continuing its invasion closely collaborating with Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids. When done up with vibrant, zesty hair colors, it seems to be copying the sand art bottles to a tee, while the hair strands dyed in pastel shades are to take anyone to the famous Ladurée macaron and pastry shop in Paris.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Rainbow Hair

2. Granny Hair

While some fashionisers go all rainbow, others are so much jealous of their granny’s silver grey hair that witness their own dark brunette hair go silver. And we should admit that the #grannyhair trend looks so amazing and in no way aged or senile. It’s enough to remember Halle Berry’s grey hair wrapping her with somewhat supernatural vibes in the movie ”X-Men” back in 2000 or Rihanna’s black-grey ombre hair and you will fall head over heels in love with this awesome trend. Oh, and grey hair matched with burgundy lips is definitely a look worth a million bucks.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Granny Grey Hair

3. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

No, not Kylie Jenner, but Angelina Jolie is the one to be blamed for the plump lip craze all over the world! But while she was born with sensual plump lips, others are just turning against their natural look. When at the age of 17 Kylie Jenner went for lip fillers (the fact that she was denying at first) making her lips super plump and sensual, the #kyliejennerchallenge hashtag was immediately born, more and more frequently appearing on Twitter and Instagram. The craze is still in full swing and millions of teenagers all over the world are trying to emulate Kylie’s plump lips creating a temporary effect by using suction cups, but the results more than often don’t fill the bill, leaving the lips bruised and swollen. Just follow Kylie’s good advice, girls ”BE YOURSELF!”

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

4. Bubble Nails: Nails Have Never Been So Spooky

When the acrylic nail technique started making its way into the beauty world, we were more than contended to finally have at our disposal that very tool to build long-lasting nails. But, oh boy, we haven’t been chasing any spooky and intimidating results like these bubble nails registered as one of the weirdest beauty trends of 2015. However, let us not critize them much; after all so many girls have already grown neon colored, 3D effect bubbles on their nails.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Bubble Nails

5. Pat McGrath’s Golden Rush

We had hardly managed yet to come to our senses after the Prada golden rush spring 2016 runway show when the craze for golden glowing lips and eyes took the beauty world by storm. World-famous makeup artist Pat McGrath launched her own first ever makeup product – the Gold 001 pigment, which was sold out instantly. The result is more than evident: the year of 2015 is teeming with golden glowing female eyes and lips.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Pat Mcgrath's Golden Mekeup

6. Shattered Glass Effect Nails

This time around Koreans are rocking. Who could guess that the iridescent shell of a snail spotted at the Abalone Sea was to inspire Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, South Korea, to create special cellophane and install the fragments of it over nail polish for the shocking shattered glass nail effect? The idea was to cut the mustard and now we can spot many nails transformed into blue, green or purple glasses as if shattered unexpectedly.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Shattered Glass Nails

7. Red Lipstick as Concealer?

Yes, first we were stupefied by rumors, then impatient to get closer to the new technique and finally sighing with a relief that it really works, even better than the regular under eye concealer. Just give a try to this innovative weird beauty trick applying a red lipstick to camouflage dark circles and you will be mesmerized by its au naturel effect.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Red Lipstick as Concealer

8. Face Contouring Art

Face contouring makeup technique has already stood the test of time as a very effective method to build flawless and defined face, but when the contour in not blended, it is all about facial art. Whether contouring is abstract or clown-worthy or bringing into play images of leaves or flowers and recently also Christmas-inspired snowflakes and New Year trees we are equally bewildered by the fact that human face can also serve as a canvas.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Face Contouring Art

9. Fake Temporary Freckles

Once girls were obsessed with the idea to conceal or get rid of facial freckles, while now it’s all about bringing them back. One of the recent weird beauty trends comes to be special stencils applied on the face with freckled effect afterwards. Makeup-free face, fresh and youthful freckled girl! Why not give it a try?

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Fake Temporary Tattoos

10. Dyeing Armpit Hair

If there is one 2015 beauty trend that leaves us literally thunderstruck, it is the always-bothersome armpit hair that is no longer distressing but on the contrary screaming to be captured and published on social accounts. Armpit hair dyed in neon green, pink or purple colors, at times even sprinkled with glitters is a thing now, a crazy trend crossing the mind of the American eccentric singer Miley Cyrus.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Dyeing Armpit Hair

11. Smudged Mascara and Eyeliner

This trend again comes to prove that we are in the thick of obviously deviating from anything flawless and impeccable. With the smudged mascara and eyeliner trend at your disposal, there is no need for any touch-ups any longer. Apply mascara and eyeliner with a deliberate smudged effect in the morning and let them smudge more and more throughout the day.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Smudged Eyeliner & Mascara

12. Glittershowered Hair Roots

While for the Eastern woman sprinkling hair roots with glitters is a regular ritual, for the Western woman glittery hair roots is a fresh new beauty trend. Whether glitters are silver or iridescent, scattered over dark or fair hair roots, this technique works equally effective. What is just needed is any parted hairstyle with roots popping expressively.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Glitter Hair Roots

13. Brazilian Velaterapia

The fact of this hair burning trend by candle being Brazilian drops a hint that its importer is someone Brazilian. The person standing behind just another weird 2015 beauty trend is none other than Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, who is urging to put aside scissors and burn off the split ends of hair for a smooth and shiny effect. Whether the method is harmful for hair or not makes a separate topic of discussion.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Brazilian Velaterapia - Hair Burning

14. Experimenting with Eyebrows

Gaucho eyebrows so trendy recently thanks to Cara Delevingne are not enough for beauty-chasers. Experimenting with eyebrows kicks it with higher gear up to dyeing them in vibrant colors of red or green, embellishing them with glittering crystals or feathers.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Dyeing Eyebrows

15. Temporary Hair Tattoos

Kylie Jenner seems to be number one trendsetter this year around and the credit for golden and silver hair tattoos becoming just another weird trend of 2015 once again goes to her. She has tried this semi-hairband-like metallic temporary tattoo on her dark straight hair and showed off that beauty has actually no limits.

Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends: Temporary Hair Tattoos

Photos courtesy of @shelleygregoryhair, @evalam_, @kyliejenner, Instagram

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