10 Famous Actresses Who Drastically Cut Their Hair Short For Movie Roles

Actresses are known for undergoing dramatic transformations before playing a certain role. That is their way to get ready and to perfectly portray the person they are playing. Some of them need to gain or lose weight, others need to dye or cut their hair. Throughout the years we witnessed a lot of transformations that are very admirable. Take a look at the video to see the leading actresses who sacrificed their long hair for a role.

Just recently the popular supermodel Cara Delevingne announced that she plans to concentrate on her acting career. She surprised everyone when she debuted a shaved head for her upcoming movie “Live in a Year”. She still rocks a blond buzz cut and stuns every single time she appears somewhere. Cara started a huge trend, with celebrities such as Katy Perry following her short haircut.

10 Famous Actresses Who Drastically Cut Their Hair Short For Movie Roles Cara Delevingne
Photo Credit: Splash News

Another huge surprise was the picture of Kate Hudson with an extremely short cut. Kate was spotted by paparazzi with a shaved head. The actress revealed that she had to cut her signature golden curls for the needs of her upcoming movie. The mega-popular singer Sia will also star in the same film.

10 Famous Actresses Who Drastically Cut Their Hair Short For Movie Roles Kate Hudson
Photo Credit: Backgrid

Aside from these fresh hair transformations, many other iconic actresses have undergone the same changes for a certain role. For example, Cate Blanchett had to get a buzz cut for the movie “Heaven” back in 2002. Angelina Jolie also rocked a buzz cut in the movie “Gia”. She portrayed the famous supermodel from the 70s and 80s Gia Carangi. Hilary Swank threw an epic performance in “Boys Don’t Cry” in 1991. She played a trans man named Brandon Teena, and the movie was based on a real-life story. This brought Hilary an Oscar award. Other great actresses that drastically cut their hair for a role are Kristen Stewart, Tilda Swinton, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Karen Gillian, Anne Hathaway and more.

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