8 Easy Hairstyles for Locs

Dreadlocks are a symbol of one culture. No matter if they are grown-out of extensions the locs can be styled in so many ways. Starting from messy buns, high ponytails, accessories to statement curs you can transform your locs however you want. Take a look at the video for some locs inspo.

Zendaya is a real fashion and beauty chameleon. The young Disney actress always surprises with stunning hair transformations. The one from the Oscars in 2015 left everyone in awe. Zendaya rocked powerful locs and surprised everyone with her appearance. The actress also made it on every single best-dressed list. If you want to recreate this hairstyle and get that epic Zendaya swoop you only need creativity. First, you have to separate the hair into three sections, one of which will stay clipped in the back and the other two in the front. Try to make a deep side part so that you achieve that swoop. Take several dreads from each side and secure them with hair accessories in the back. This is a super easy and gorgeous hairstyle that proves that locs can be elegant and feminine if you style them in the right way.

8 Easy Hairstyles for Locs Zendaya
Photo Credit: WireImage

Lisa Bonet is the queen of dreads. Ever since her early beginnings in the “Cosby Show” to her modeling career, Lisa loves wearing statement locs. She usually opts for messy, edgy looks that flatter her style. For one of her appearances, the actress flaunted a messy, bohemian bun. This is another fresh way to upgrade your hairstyle. It will only take you 10 minutes to achieve Lisa’s chic bun. First, take your dreads back and pin them in a low bun. Leave several in the front on each side. From then on, it’s your choice if you leave the front portions like that or clip them with a pin behind your ear.

8 Easy Hairstyles for Locs Lisa Bonet
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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