Celebs Already Sporting The Best Spring 2015 Looks

Winter has not yet arrived and yet celebrities are already enjoying the spring collections! It’s rather unfair since so many of us are forced to bundle up warm for the upcoming frosty season, opting for winter fashions more so than those we can only enjoy in the spring. These celebrities grabbed onto the latest spring 2015 styles straight from the catwalk at fashion week and are already setting style trends with their individual tastes. Putting the latest runway designs out in the real world, these celebs have given us much in terms of eye candy to base our own fashion decisions on.

Diane Kruger in Prabal Gurungs

Diane Kruger has stepped onto the scene in Prabal Gurung and she looks simply stunning! The soft, muted tones, interesting patterns and perfect skirt length of the dress simply take one’s breath away. Showing off her perfect body has never been so easy. She looks sleek and sophisticated, a woman with the arsenal ready to take on the world.

Celebs Wearing Spring 2015 Looks: Diane Kruger in Prabal Gurung

Hailee Steinfeld Charming in Dolce & Gabbana

Hailee Steinfeld wowed the crowds in her Dolce & Gabbana ankle-length floral and polka dot maxi dress. She looked humble and straight out of a puritan movie, with her high collar, long sleeves and absolute lack of skin shown. Her added black sash, which was not part of the original design, has done wonders to amplify the beauty of her figure while drawing attention to her face as well.

Celebs Wearing Spring 2015 Looks: Hailee Steinfeld in Dolce & Gabbana

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Sexy in Balmain

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley raises brows and makes eyes pop as she walks in wearing Balmain. A deep V opening shows off her chest while the halter pantsuit reminds us of a cobra ready to strike, particularly when staring closely at the long contrasting black and yellow stripes. The tight chignon with the center-part in her hair only adds to the illusion of a coiled snake, dangerously beautiful. The original model sported a bandeau over her chest, which is decidedly missing in Rosie’s version as well. Dangerous is the least of it here!

Celebs Wearing Spring 2015 Looks: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Balmain

Natasha Poly Pretty in Emilio Pucci

Natasha Poly looks angelically beautiful in her long pastel-coloured Emilio Pucci dress. The look suits her complexion and bone structure perfectly, reminding us of a Caribbean princess of a sort. The halter only adds character to the shapeless dress draping her body, showing off collarbone and shoulders without the added effect of also silhouetting her figure.

Celebs Wearing Spring 2015 Looks: Natasha Poly in Emilio Pucci

Poppy Delevingne Retro in Roberto Cavalli

Poppy Delevingne is so retro in her Roberto Cavalli white dress that rather reminds us of handkerchiefs used by grand ladies in centuries long past. The lace and the pleats add the desired effect, while the sash cravat at her neck reminds us of governesses in the households of grand lords. It’s a sweetly pleasing dress that simply looks divine on Lady Poppy herself, while the purse adds a touch of frivolousness.

Celebs Wearing Spring 2015 Looks: Poppy Delevingne in Roberto Cavalli

Kristen Stewart in J. Mendel

Kristen Stewart is all-legs in her J. Mendel mini dress. She follows the rules closely with little skin shown on top as she bares her lovely limbs below. The black heels only serve to bolster the simple beauty of the dress, while the criss-cross stripes do much to remind us of the upcoming holidays.

Celebs Wearing Spring 2015 Looks: Kristen Stewart in J.Mendel

Anna Wintour Dramatic in Dolce & Gabbana

Anna Wintour in Dolce & Gabbana is so Old Hollywood; we cannot help but love it. She’s simple elegance in red and black floral print, exquisite in mid-calf length dress, with lacy sleeves coming down to her elbows. It’s chic, it’s professional and it looks so perfectly versatile that we may rock it during all four seasons.

Celebs Wearing Spring 2015 Looks: Anna Wintour in Dolce & Gabbana

Chiara Ferragni Barbie in Moschino

Chiara Ferragni most certainly employs the wow-factor as she walks down the street in Moschino, rocking the Legally Blonde look so perfectly! We are simply mesmerized by all the pink, the body hugging leather and equally pink matching purse and pumps. We cannot get enough of it either. No matter where we try to turn, our eyes are glued to the stunningly luscious figure Chiara is. Zips, leather, chains and skin; I think it’s getting way too hot in here!

Celebs Wearing Spring 2015 Looks: Chiara Ferragni in Moschino

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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The Best Of London Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style

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