First Look at The Aaliyah For MAC Collection

It’s been quite a while since MAC announced their homage collection to Aaliyah. Finally, after months of anticipation, the makeup giant gave us a sneak peek and an official release date. The great news was first released in August last year after a large number of fans signed a petition on The act was supported by the singer’s makeup artist Eric Ferrell and her brother Rashad Haughton. Rashad even shared details of how MAC was one of Aaliyah’s favorite makeup brands. The cosmetic label didn’t need more convincing than that.

First Look at The Aaliyah For MAC Collection
Photo Credit: @aaliyah_haughton_official/Instagram

More than a half year later, the beauty giant is blessing us with an Aaliyah-inspired line, that will most certainly be epic. Think of bold lip liners, fun shadows, and statement lipsticks. The singer’s favorite brown hues are already a part of the collection, judging from the first look. It’s more than sure that it will be all about the fierce 90’s trends that the singer set with ease back in the day.

“Aaliyah super-fans everywhere – YOU made it happen! Inspired by your loyalty and love, the 90s-glam #AaliyahForMAC collection is coming soon! Aaliyah lives on in a makeup collection influenced by her groundbreaking work in music and film.”- the brand announced on their Insta page.

First Look at The Aaliyah For MAC Collection
Photo Credit: @maccosmetics/Instagram

So far the brand teased two of the Aaliyah-inspired MAC products. The first one is a nude lipstick in a darker coffee shade, that reminds very much of the singer’s favorite one. The second product is a 9-pan eyeshadow palette with both matte and shimmering shades. The packaging is done in a gorgeous burgundy color with Aaliyah signature on it.

First Look at The Aaliyah For MAC Collection nude lipstick
Photo Credit: @maccosmetics/Instagram
First Look at The Aaliyah For MAC Collection eyeshadow palette
Photo Credit: @maccosmetics/Instagram

In 2016, MAC released a collection that honored Selena Quintanilla, 21 years after her death. It sold out extremely fast, which encouraged the brand to drop a second restock. Just like the Aaliyah line, the one about Selena was initiated by a petition on Two weeks ago Melt Cosmetics beat MAC to the chase and dropped their Aaliyah-inspired line.

First Look at The Aaliyah For MAC Collection red lipstick orange sunglasses
Photo Credit: @aaliyahformac/Instagram

MAC is also asking for help from fans to create a short movie “A-Z of Aaliyah”, that will pay respects to the iconic singer. The brand announced that while fans are waiting for the release, they can send pictures and videos of Aaliyah, to help the brand put together a homage to celebrate her legacy. The official release date for the Aaliyah For MAC line is June 20, when fans will be able to shop it online. On June 21, the collection will also be available in stores. Now June seems like ages away!

First Look at The Aaliyah For MAC Collection red lipstick
Photo Credit: @aaliyahformac/Instagram

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