What Halloween Costumes Celebrities Chose In 2015

Here we are again: the spookiest time of the year has finally arrived! Usually, some of the best sources of inspiration for cool Halloween costumes come from our beloved celebrities, who always guarantee good Halloween nights in Hollywood giving their preference to different types of costumes, ranging from superheroes to winning group costumes. Some celebrities have already attended a few Halloween parties this year, allowing us to get an idea of what this festivity is all about to be. So, what kind of Halloween costumes did celebrities choose in 2015? Some of their choices may actually surprise you!

We could divide the celebrities’ choices in four different categories: the (kind of) really scary costumes, the sexy looks, the funny and the teamwork costumes. The teamwork category has been so far mastered by Neil Patrick Harris’ family, who has always come up with the most spectacular group Halloween costumes ideas.

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So, let’s start off with the really spooky category.

Although the Disney character we are about to see is not spooky per se, it is indeed one of the most hated villains ever created (and it actually frightened to death all the more suggestible children): Cruella De Vil. Former Danity Kane’s singer Aubrey O’Day made her own version of The Hundred and One Dalmatians’ villain, which is absolutely sexier (and less scarring) than the original one.

That’s so Raven’s male protagonist Kyle Massey chose instead a more conventional way to scary his fans, wearing a skeleton costume that, however, makes him look even cuter than what he actually is.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Aubrey O'Day & Kyle Massey

Kendra Wilkinson also opted for the spooky skeleton costume, but with absolutely different results.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Kendra Willkinson

Actors and mutual friends Josh Stamos and Josh Peck opted for two really appalling devil costumes, while the complementing makeup makes everything look even more real. If you are looking for a fast way to make a cool Halloween costume, just try to recreate Stamos and Peck’s idea, as it’s easy and affordable.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: John Stamos & Josh Peck

Another villain that directly came out of our favorite Disney movie to haunt our inner child has been portrayed by Colton Haynes, who chose to wear an Ursula costume at the Matthew Morrison’s annual Halloween party in L.A.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Colton Haynes

For the sexy and for the funny categories there is a lot of material to draw inspiration from.

In a failed attempt to look scary, the sexiest costume’s competition has been so far won by Annaline MacCord, who dressed up as a vampire at the Carlton’s Halloween Nightmare party in L.A. She made her appearance at the party along with fellow colleague Christina Milian, who was fully dressed up as a leopard, showing off her toned silhouette.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Annaline MacCord & Christina Milian

Former Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr opted for a retro Marilyn Monroe costume, which made her look absolutely stunning.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Miranda Kerr

As predictable as it sounds, there’s always a celebrity who, each year, dresses up as a sexy bunny. This year it was Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran’s turn to wear such a sultry costume, and it really made her look smoking hot at Maxim Halloween’s party.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Karrueche Tran

From Sexy leopards to kind of equally sexy tigers, one of Robert Downey Jr.’s latest Instagram pictures shows the Iron Man wearing what looks like a comfy and really funny Tigger costume. We can’t help but hope the Iron Man’s cast is going to portray the entire Winnie the Pooh’s crew.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Robert Downey Jr.

From one funny guy to another, heartthrob Nick Jonas wore a Hamburglar costume at the Maxim Halloween party a few days ago, officially winning the ‘cutes burglar competition ever’.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Nick Jonas

As for the group Halloween costumes category, many celebrities are already giving the How I Met Your Mother’s most loved protagonist a hard time.

Keeping up with the Kardashians’s star Kourtney Kardashian gave her entire family a Marvel makeover, with only North West dressed up as a unicorn.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Kourtney Kardashian

The superhero theme has been also Beyonce’s crew’s source of inspiration, with the queen B. dressed up as Storm from the X-Men.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Beyonce

From some fictional superheroes to some real-life ones: TVD Nina Dobrev’s girlfriend teamed up to dress like the Spice Girls at the Morrison’s Halloween party, proving once again that friendship never ends!

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015: Nina Dobrev

Now we just have to wait and see Neil Patrick Harris’ next move!

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Popsugar

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