Hollywood’s Next Craze: Healing Crystals

According to the Hollywood’s biggest A-listers, crystals are a lot more than a beautiful stone that would look just perfect on your bookshelf. With the launch of Kim Kardashian‘s first fragrance Crystal Gardenia, it seems that Hollywood is obsessed with crystals more than ever. Apparently, stars swear by the healing powers of crystals as much as they love crystals all over their red-carpet gowns. From Kim Kardashian West to Spencer Pratt, take a look at the video to find out why the Hollywood’s biggest stars are obsessed with crystals. Spencer Pratt is the most crystal-obsessed star! The end of the video explains it all.

Kim Kardashian most certainly named her first fragrance Crystal Gardenia for a good reason. The reality star revealed that her friends gave her crystals after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. It’s believed that particular crystals can emit positive energy that can directly affect your mood and emotions. Her sister Kylie Jenner is also a believer in the healing power of crystals. Some people who practice meditation like to meditate with their favorite crystal placed in front of them. Others carry these stones in their bag or around their neck everywhere they go. Crystals are currently trending in Hollywood, but the practice dates from ancient times.

Hollywoods Next Craze Healing Crystals KKW Fragrance Crystal Gardenia
Photo By @kkwfragrance/Instagram

The healing with crystals is different for everyone and depends on what you want to change in your energy. Apparently, crystals can restore your energy on many levels. According to spiritual teachers, they can clear unwanted energy, dissolve blocked energy, increase the flow of energy and increase positive energy.

Hollywoods Next Craze Healing Crystals Spencer Pratt
Photo By @spencerpratt/Instagram

There are even experts that claim to heal with crystals. In case you are interested in something like that, here are a few things to expect. During these sessions, the subject lays down while the practitioner places the crystals on different energy points (chakras) of the body. The healing with crystals sessions can last from minutes to hours. To avoid any confusion, the healing power of crystals can’t improve a medical diagnosis. The final goal is to make the subject feel better. At the end of the day, that’s one of the most important things in the frenetic world we live.

Hollywoods Next Craze Healing Crystals Pink Crystals
Photo Credit: analaurasam.deviantart.com

Among other celebrities who believe in the healing power of crystals are Victoria Beckham, Adelle, Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson and Andy Warhol. Victoria Beckham keeps them backstage her shows, Adelle uses them to ease her stage fright, while Miranda Kerr carries a crystal wand in her purse at all times. Besides celebrities, many non-famous people swear by these gems.

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