Hottest Celebrity Curly Hairstyles

For years women have been told to tame their frizzy hair and calm their curls. Straightening irons and other hot hair tools are essential in the life of most girls with naturally curly hair. This is mostly because the media serves pictures and commercials of sleek straight hair or perfect blowout hairstyles. There is nothing wrong in styling your hair the way it makes you happy. But, if you are part of the curly girls’ gang don’t hesitate to embrace your natural curls. Luckily nowadays more and more celebrities flaunt their natural curls on the red carpet. Many women who used to hate their big frizzy hair follow this example and learn how to love their natural textured hair.

There are different types of curls and multiple ways to style them. The photographer-turned-model Petra Collins has a unique way of styling her curly hair. Most girls with curls brush their hair when is wet. Petra Collins, on the other hand, brushes her hair when is completely dry. The model loves to spend hours brushing her hair until she gets big voluminous frizzy curls.

One of the greatest curly hair ambassadors is the young actress Yara Shahidi. The Black-ish star is an endless inspiration on how to wear your naturally curly hair. Next, the real-life Barbie Jasmine Sanders is well-known for her bouncy golden curls. The beautiful model flaunts her curls on many events. Zendaya is another young star who rocked big curly hair on the red carpet. Just recently she gave us a major curly hair envy with her appearance at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. Her takeover on the ‘70s disco curls got everyone thinking about a curly hair transformation.

From Rita Ora’s curly shag to Kerry Washington super tight curls, here are the hottest celebrity curly hairstyles to inspire you to embrace your textured hair or get a curly hair transformation.

Halle Berry

Hottest Celebrity Curly Hairstyles Halle Berry
Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
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