How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season

The long-awaited holidays are already close and we are busy making preparations, getting ready with pressies and following the events taking place in the world of fashion and in showbiz. It’s also spectacular to see how popular celebrities get ready for the holiday season. In order to find that out, here we have some images illustrating many famous stars and celebs and their pre-holiday activities and preparations for the holidays. Discover how celebrities get ready for the holiday season and get into the charming Christmas mood!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Chiara Ferragni

Alessandra Ambrosio: Here Comes the Christmas Tree

Popular Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has been spotted decorating a huge Christmas tree and adding the final touches to the glittery and joyous symbol of the holidays. How else if not this way can we bring the holiday mood into our houses?

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Alessandra Ambrosio Christmas Tree

Lady Gaga: Decorate Your Christmas Tree, Or… Be It!

It just couldn’t be something ordinary if it’s connected with Lady Gaga looks! When it seemed that the extravagant ideas for Christmas looks were over, she shocked everyone with the Christmas Tree look of hers, created with the help of a Vera Wang red cropped jumpsuit with oversized and over voluminous shapes, and the super amazing “Christmas Tree” put as a headwear. She was surely the most eye-catching person at London Christmas party.

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Lady Gaga Christmas Tree

January Jones: Meeting Santa Claus

January Jones takes her little son Xander to meet Santa Claus and to have a photo sitting on his lap like all the kids do. Such a cute way of holiday preparations! Xander must be really happy about that!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - January Jones Christmas

Miley Cyrus: Santa Claus, Times Change

While kids are happy and enthusiastic about meeting kind and generous Santa Claus, Miley Cyrus goes dancing with a modern version of Santa quite explicitly again. Well, we could expect something of this kind in case of Miley, since the precedents like that are no secret for us.

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Miley Cyrus Santa Claus

Rihanna: Times Change, Trees Change

We have seen various ways of decorating Christmas Trees, becoming one, or altering them, but replacing them with marijuana leaves is something quite surprising. However, we do see this kind of interpretation with the photo by Rihanna, who presents her own way of preparing for the holidays.

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Rihanna Christmas Tree

Victoria Beckham: Being the ‘Star’ of Your Christmas Tree

A star is a star anywhere. This ‘anywhere’ refers to Christmas Trees as well, as Victoria Beckham suggests with a photo of hers, where we can see a miniature version of herself put instead of the star on top of the tree. Creative much!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Victoria Beckham Christmas Tree

Cara Delevingne: Just Having Fun Like All

She is neither opting for extravaganzas, nor doing anything special or attraction gathering. Cara Delevingne is simply enjoying the arrival of the magical and sweet holiday season, having some shots with Santa and his deer.

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Cara Delevingne Santa Claus

Paula Echevarría: Christmas is Christmas for All!

Spanish beauty Paula Echevarría introduces how they celebrate Christmas with all of the members of Echevarría-Bustamante family. The latter also includes her cute and small doggie, the pics of which featuring the small pet in a Christmas hat and jacket are the most evident proof of him celebrating the holidays like the people do.

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Paula Echevarria Christmas Dog

Mariah Carey: All I Want for Christmas is You!

Yes, that’s certainly the Christmas hymn by Mariah Carey, which is one of the most frequently heard songs these days. So here she is traditionally dressed in a body-con red dress performing the popular and everlasting hit of hers!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Mariah Carey Christmas Song

Stella McCartney: Santa Clause Has Many Faces!

Stella McCartney presents her photo with an absolutely modern and very interestingly dressed Santa for the holidays. And yes, he knows how to play the guitar, too!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Stella McCartney Christmas

Irina Shayk: Celebrating Holiday with Pets

Irina Shayk is the next super star in our list to celebrate the holidays with pets. She also posted a photo about her holiday preps, here featuring the beauty with the gorgeous dog of hers, promoting the adoption of animals.

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Irina Shayk Christmas Dog

Obama Family: Christmas is Officially in America!

When Obama family lights up Washington with Christmas sparkles, it means that the official arrival of the holidays has been set!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Obama Family Christmas

The Kardashians: Christmas Cards? Why Not?

According to the annual tradition of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kendal Jenner presents this year’s Christmas card appearing with a beautiful and impressive look.

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Kardashian Christmas Card 2013

Heidi Klum: Before Decorating Your Tree First Choose It!

This is what Heidi Klum did, as we can see from the pic posted by her, featuring her in the ‘company’ of beautiful natural trees having all the chances to become her choice for coming Christmas. Later her mom is pictured decorating the tree!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Heidi Klum Christmas Tree

Taylor Swift: Here’s The Tree, Make a Wish

Of course, it’s way better to enjoy Christmas at home, however if you are a busy pop star, that’s not an easy task. Such is the case with Taylor Swift, who presents a dreamy look of hers in front of a beautiful Christmas Tree, decorated in the hotel room of hers.

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Taylor Swift Christmas Tree

Ashley Tisdale: Meeting Santa Claus Part 2: The Return

Ashley Tisdale seems to have returned to childhood, posting a photo of hers with the Santa Claus. This does look cute!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Ashley Tisdale Santa Claus

P!nk: Believing in Christmas Miracles!

P!nk presents the candid photo of her daughter Willow Sage Hart, gazing at the Christmas lights waiting for miracles! This pic just can’t be any cuter!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - P!ink Christmas Tree

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden: Let the Princess Do the Job

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden appears in images with her little daughter busy making Christmas sweets! The cutest creatures of the world are kids for sure!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Victoria Crown Princess of Sweden Christmas

Leona Lewis: Where is Santa?

Leona Lewis shows the spectacular image of her pre-holiday fun, featuring her with her cutely dressed up doggie saddling a Christmas deer! So where is Santa we wonder?

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Leona Lewis Christmas

Natasha Poly: Christmas with Pets or Hello Kitty!

Natasha Poly introduces how celebrating Christmas feels and looks like for her. She does that especially noting about her sweetie kitty looking just happy in the shots of hers!

Here were the main images, which introduce how well-known celebs prepare for the mostly beloved holidays of the year. They are so, so close already that it seems like we’re standing on the very threshold of the coming year! If you don’t rush to make preparations yet, it’s high time you did!

How Celebrities Get Ready for the Holiday Season - Natasha Poly Christmas Cat

Photos courtesy of Celeb Instagrams, Getty Images

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