How Supermodel Natalia Vodianova Combats Jet-Lagged Skin

Natalia Vodianova is one of the most iconic modeling faces in the world. The Russian supermodel still looks as good as the first time she walked a runway many years ago. Although she is only 35, Vodianova is a full-time working mom, always on the go. That is why she always looks for products that are good for her skin and will help her stay forever young. Natalia shared her skincare routine for Vogue just recently. In the short video, you can see her go-to products and the way she keeps her skin fresh after a long flight. She starts the tutorial with a sentence that will make you want to stay tuned throughout the full 2 minutes- “I’m tired, I’m super jet-lagged, [so] I’m going to show you what I do to not look the way I feel.” Find out her skin secrets in the video below.

The thing about the supermodel is that she looks the same as when she first started modeling. Every celebrity has signature tricks and routines that help them keep their skin as fresh as possible. That is understandable, considering that they’ve built a career on their appearances. After many years in the business, Natalia knows a secret or two when it comes to skincare. Her porcelain face is still wrinkle-free and her complexion is perfect without a drop of makeup.

Photo Credit: Vogue

Right before filming the video, Vodianova had a long flight to New York, where she hosted Naked Heart Foundation’s Fabulous Fund Fair event. She had a full day of activities ahead of her so she needed to do a whole skincare routine to look as incredible as always. The first thing she does is apply a renewing and rebalancing mask to bring the freshness to her face. She leaves it to work for 10 minutes, and you can see the difference right away. In the following steps, she uses face oil and moisturizing day cream.

Once she’s done with the rejuvenating technique, Natalia shows how she does her everyday natural makeup look. After applying a light foundation, the supermodel accents her eyebrows. “Luckily, my grandma told me not to pluck my eyebrows when I was 14. Now I can show them off.”- she jokes. The secret to her thick brows is a tinted gel which she uses to achieve a fuller look. The finishing touches include brown mascara and a dusty rose lipstick. For the cheeks, Vodianova very often uses a colored lip treatment product for a natural glow and adds some bronzing powder. Her favorite thing is argan oil when it comes to haircare. This is an easy and fun way to fight your jet-lagged look and bring back the glow to your skin.

Photo Credit: Vogue