KKW Beauty To Launch Highlighter Palettes

Kim Kardashian has more surprises up her sleeve for all the makeup fans. The beauty mogul keeps releasing innovative products that are changing the way ladies do their makeup. So far she blessed us with crème and contour sticks, ultralight beams, concealer kits, and an epic eyeshadow palette with Mario Dedivanovic. Her next release is a move that everyone was expecting and wishing for: Kim is finally launching highlighter palettes to give you a glow that is out of this world.

KKW Beauty Launches Highlighter Palettes

KKW Beauty is dropping two highlighter palettes. Each one will include four different shades. Kim already teased the products on social media and did swatches of the gorgeous glowing shades. The first palette is definitely made for ladies with a lighter complexion. The color range includes a beautiful bright iridescent tone, a champagne shade with yellow undertones, a bright rose gold highlighter and a soft cappuccino-toned highlighter with brown undertones. The second quad is meant for women with a darker skin tone. The shade range features a champagne hue with hints of yellow, dark bronze color, a darker rose gold tone, and a coppery shade.

KKW Beauty Launches Highlighter Palettes lighter palette

KKW Beauty Launches Highlighter Palettes darker palette

“The #KKWBEAUTY Highlighter Palettes feature radiant powder highlighters that blend flawlessly and melt into the skin. The soft and silky texture of the #KKWBEAUTY Highlighter Palettes allow for an effortless application to your cheekbones, nose, and any other areas you want to add shimmer and luminosity. The #KKWBEAUTY Highlighters will come in two different palettes, complete with four complimentary shades that allow you to create a custom glow.”- says the brand’s official post.

The glow is so outstanding that you won’t even need to use Kira Kira. Since the first palette is much softer with brighter shades you can always use it for a natural everyday shine, while the second one is ideal for the summer days. Once you get tanned you will need it in your life for that additional blinding shimmer. Kim Kardashian is not here to play around. The queen has revolutionized the world of makeup on so many levels. Now, thanks to KKW Beauty you can steal her glow and have it in your kit.

KKW Beauty Launches Highlighter Palettes bronze

KKW Beauty Launches Highlighter Palettes champagne

The two highlighter palettes will be released on May 24 at 12 p.m. PST. You can shop them at kkwbeauty.com. If you are a huge fan of Kim, you’re probably already freaking out. You’re not alone, all the makeup junkies are going crazy too. The launch is only a few days away, so save up while you still can.

Photo Credit: KKW Beauty

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