Kris Jenner is Getting Her Own Makeup Collection With Kylie Cosmetics

In case you have no idea how to treat your mom for mother’s day, let Kylie Jenner show you. The beauty mogul is letting her mother Kris Jenner create her own makeup collection with Kylie Cosmetics. This is a rare privilege of the Kardashian-Jenner family, but the good news is that Kris got all moms covered. The famous momager is teaming up with her daughter’s makeup brand on a collaborative collection that will drop just in time for Mother’s Day.

In the past, Kylie would announce her new drops on her social media accounts, but this time Kris took drastic measures to announce their partnership. The KarJenner’s mom took over all of Kylie Cosmetics social media accounts. This wasn’t just any takeover but an actual hacked accounts. Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have been transformed into Kris Cosmetics accounts. The beauty mogul herself posted a simple Instagram story on her personal account that read: “@kyliecosmetics is hacked.”

Kris Jenner is Getting Her Own Collection With Kylie Jenner

Since we cleared the confusion around the brand’s hacked accounts, let’s see what Kylie and Kris have up their sleeve for Mother’s Day. First of all Kylie Jenner is the absolute queen of innovative packaging and her collab with mom Kris Jenner won’t be an exception. All of the products come in fabulous packages topped with fun names. Kris Jenner’s fierce momager face is all over the collection. There is an eyeshadow palette, a lip collection, face palette, lipstick and a liquid lipstick. The eyeshadow palette includes 12 matte and shimmery eyeshadows with hilarious names such as “I’m watching you” and “It’s an emergency”. Among the names, you can spot Kris Jenner references such as “10% and “Vodka Tonic”. As you can see the packaging is as fun as it gets.

Kris Jenner is Getting Her Own Collection With Kylie Jenner eyeshadow palette

The Mini Lip Collection comes in a black box that reads “MOMAGER” with big white letters. There are 8 mini lipsticks that range from mattes and velvets to glosses. The pressed powder face palette has probably the most eye-catching packaging. Kris Jenner’s face topped with chic metallic sunglasses is all over the face palette. Inside, there are four powder products to get your cheeks on point. This palette includes highlighters and blushes.

Kris Jenner is Getting Her Own Collection With Kylie Jenner lipstick set

Kris Jenner is Getting Her Own Collection With Kylie Jenner

Lastly, the individual lipsticks carry the name “Give me a Kiss”. So far, Kris Jenner revealed only the traditional lipstick which is a pretty peachy shade. Don’t let the name full you, the packaging is covered with metallic silver middle finger graphic. According to the momager, this is her favorite packaging.

Kris Jenner is Getting Her Own Collection With Kylie Jenner lipstick

There is no word yet on the pricing, but Kylie Cosmetics a.k.a Kris Cosmetics at the moment will for sure announce all the other details very soon. The collection drops on Mothers Day, on May 13, so luckily the wait is almost over.

Photo By @kriscosmetics/Instagram

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