Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant “Summer” Collection

We may be halfway through the summer, but for Kylie Cosmetics is the hottest time of the season to drop yet another fun collection. Kylie Jenner started teasing the new Summer Collection with a series of electric shots and a video she did for Vogue. The beauty mogul posted a photo in which she is wearing a neon orange latex and PVC costume sporting matching makeup. She also took it to Snapchat for a full reveal and let’s just say summer season is set to get a lot better.

Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant Summer Collection Kylie Jenner in Latex costume

The Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection includes an eyeshadow palette and a bunch of new lip products. There are five traditional matte lipsticks, two liquid lipsticks, and three super glitter glosses.

Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant Summer Collection

Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant Summer Collection bold orange makeup

First things first, the eyeshadow palette features 14 matte and shimmery eyeshadows with a color range that goes from gorgeous gold tones, expands to summer-ready orange and coral shades and finishes with classic black and brown shades that are a staple in almost every look. Kylie Jenner once again absolutely nailed the packaging game. The package for the eyeshadow palette takes inspiration from strawberry-banana smoothie which saves lives during the heat season. The summer palette comes in a box with banana graphics with the brand’s name written with electric magenta letters. The actual palette is done in strawberry red with a bright yellow logo.

Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant Summer Collection eyeshadow palette

Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant Summer Collection eyeshadow palette swatshes

Next, the five new traditional lipsticks are made to finish off all your summer looks with a fresh touch. There is one peach-toned nude “Nova” if you can’t live without a soft lip. Furthermore, “Miami” is a deeper coral orange which will give you a youthful vibe without being too loud. The next three shades are definitely on the bolder side. “Tangerine” is an electric orange that won’t go unnoticed, “Vacay” is a fuchsia pink, and “Boss” is a summer-ready coral red color. The outer box of all the five new bullet lipsticks carries the same fun banana graphic. The actual boxes are black and silver.

Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant Summer Collection lipstick swatches

If you are more of a liquid lipstick type of girl, Kylie Cosmetics has two new lip kits. “Candy K” is a velvet matte version of an existing Kylie Cosmetics shade which is on the neutral side, while “On Wednesdays” is a statement-making pink matte liquid lipstick. Kylie’s lip kits include a matching liner for a pout on point.

Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant Summer Collection pink makeup

Lastly, for all the gals who want to take things up a notch, Kylie Cosmetics offers three insanely glittery glosses. Since summer is all about the endless glow, these shimmering products will really upgrade your makeup game. There is a universally flattering gold lipgloss “Go Bananas” that could double as lip topper. Furthermore, “Chill Peel”, and “Don’t Slip” are on the pink side, for when you are feeling extra. The packaging is again, the same fun box covered in bananas.

Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant Summer Collection pink lip gloss

The Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection is set to drop on July 13 on the brand’s website.

Kylie Cosmetics to Drop Vibrant Summer Collection Kylie Jenner in Metallic swimwuit

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