How Kylie Jenner Is Celebrating Her 18th Birthday

Kylie Jenner is already 18! And we are not at all surprised at the loud celebration of the event with Kylie debuting a new look and new hair color, being pampered with luxury gifts and celebs and A-list models being as her special guests. While it is clear that the party was absolutely so much fun, we would like to mention the noteworthy outfits of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family that again ensured their role as style icons of the day. First we guess Kylie Jenner’s birthday party had a specific dress code with “black” being the main color the family members chose to wear. And, of course, there were lots of high slits, body-hugging silhouettes, look-at-me transparencies that at times showed way too much than needed.

Kylie Jenner 18th Birthday Party

First we want to start with Kris Jenner, who arrived at the place with her loyal bodyguard (and now life partner, as the press informs) wearing a black corset with black monochrome leggings, a transparent jacket on top and chic black lacquer pointy-toe heeled shoes. Though we still wonder why she needed those black sunnies in that dark… To say that she rocked her pixie hairstyle as always is to say nothing.

Kim made an appearance with her husband Kanye West not the way we would expect: this time the couple decided not to have a matchy-matchy style. Kanye rocked blue ripped denim pants with a sky-blue monochrome shirt, while Kim was in her signature figure-hugging midi (almost above the ankle) skirt with a transparent turtleneck top to show off the privileges of her curvy silhouette once again. Though we should say that she slightly toned it down ditching too daring looks, as pregnancy seems to take a lot of energy from her. Well, we totally get it and give you a plump 10 for looking so cool, Kim!

Kylie Jenner 18th Birthday Party: Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian West

Wanting to once again show off her adorable figure, especially the thighs that Khloe got due to her hard daily workouts, she visited Kylie’s party in a bold black mini dress that sat on her body like the butter on bread: so flawless! The see-through horizontal stripes on the dress are something that we liked multiple times on Khloe and this is not an exception. The one strong peculiarity of these sisters is that they always know what they rock the best and stick to it, while dramatically changing whatever does not suit the ideal combo.

Kourtney, being the least loud from the K-sisters hit the party in a kind of weird jumpsuit that is wholly black and transparent on her ribs taking the cheating of a thin waist to crazy heights. But we actually think it works for her, as she manages to put her casual feel in everything too bold to handle. Her crazy long lashes, nude lips, that masculine black tuxedo blazer that she uses as a final touch in many of her outfits make us just positively struck! What else could you offer Kourtney?

Seeing Kendall at so many couture fashion shows and campaigns of the leading designers has multiple times proved that she can wear anything without exception and still look picture-perfect. No wonder, she’s the coolest and most stylish one of the sisters, who usually gives preference to more laid-back casual daily looks and sleek red-carpet ones. Just see her tiny white decollate crop top paired with a grey wrap skirt that has a shocking bold side slit and neon green trims on it. She is basically spreading depression by showing off her extremely long slim legs to those who spend days and nights in the wish for a look like that. We just want to add that she looks awesome with these effortless waves and soft makeup.

Kylie Jenner 18th Birthday Party: Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall

Of course, Caitlyn Jenner could not miss Kylie’s 18th birthday, so she arrived at the place in a reserved black knee-length monochrome dress with a black leather jacket on top, looking quite feminine and pretty. We should say that she looks better day by day and the berry lip color fits very well.

Kylie Jenner 18th Birthday Party: Caitlyn Jenner

And finally yet importantly, we need to mention how gorgeous 18-year-old Kylie Jenner herself looked! The drastic change from brunette to platinum blonde hair color instantly stole the spotlight. She did not go viral with dress shocks letting her new hair and signature doll lips be the center of attention, so she chose a nice short black sequin dress with thin straps to just accentuate her figure. Of course, you don’t want to wear uncomfortable and tricky clothes when you need to have fun and more importantly, test your new car. Yes, she got a 320,000$ white Ferrari from her boyfriend Tyga, who was captured next to her in the paparazzi pictures.

Kylie Jenner 18th Birthday Party

Photos courtesy of @kyliejenner, Zimbio

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