Met Gala 2014: The Dos and Don’ts of The Dress Code

Formal, glam, and classic are the best and most relevant words for describing the super fabulous Met Gala 2014 with its basic thematic concentration. Anna Wintour really put that with a crystal clear intention and wish. This was the case when too extravagant and excessive as well as, too simple were not encouraged, especially when taking into account the fact that this time the Met Gala was a tribute to Charles James. The looks we encounter here are way more sophisticated and chic, though. Still, there were some celebs, who weren’t really in the theme, having gone too retro, too pompous, or too simple, still preserving the principle of being creative and representing real pieces of art. This is what Charles James’ principle of work was, too. However, the dos and don’ts about the celebs’ looks at Met Ball 2014 are what we are going to speak about right now, focusing mainly on the looks, which didn’t fit into the most successfully nailed down alternatives for the day (Check out: Met Gala 2014 Best Celebrity Dresses).

Met Gala 2014: The Dos and Don'ts of The Dress Code

Cara Delevingne Being Naughty

She is really the tough kind. We know her dressing like a boy, always feeling bold and free and breaking stereotypes. Still, this time her apparel options were not really what was expected. Going for the combination of classic black and white, they still malfunctioned with the shapes, coming with a cropped and cut black top for matching with pure white tight-fitting pants, finishing all off with black and white platform stilettos. So the results came out to be sort of too minimalistic and, well, yes. Simple.

Met Gala 2014: The Dos and Don'ts of The Dress Code: Cara Delevingne

Sarah Jessica Parker Being Pompous

We all know the luxurious and chic style of Sarah Jessica Parker, but still, isn’t it about time to slow down a bit? Talking about her looks for the Met Gala 2014, we should, of course, note that it was, indeed, chic and fabulous. But was that uber voluminous, huge, and super-flare Oscar de la Renta dress the most suitable thing she could go for this time? And what about that back hem with the name of Charles James?

Met Gala 2014: The Dos and Don'ts of The Dress Code: Sarah Jessica Parker

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Picking The Wrong Length

Animal prints and luxurious leather plays were the basic thematic picks of one of the most popular and charming celebs and models we know in the world of fashion. But still, it’s not only the patterns and the designs that mattered for the looks, but the shapes and the length as well. So speaking about her choice, apart from noting that it suited her well, we should say that actually it was shorter than we could expect and sort of uber excessively overdone for a classic plus glam evening.

Met Gala 2014: The Dos and Don'ts of The Dress Code: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Kim Kardashian Being Too Bold

After seeing her with that crazily beautiful and extravagant Givenchy dress last year, we discover a new Kim this time. But wait! Does classic and glamorous necessarily mean something ultra-bold, ultra-minimalistic only having some few details meant to make the look more sophisticated? And the drapings and splits that came out as a result for that spectacular Lanvin gown? Was this what we could imagine when saying glam? You decide.

Met Gala 2014: The Dos and Don'ts of The Dress Code: Kim Kardashian

Rihanna Making A Fashion Mistake

At least, the style icon of the year wasn’t to err! But guess what? She also decided to go for a crop top, which wasn’t definitely what the theme of Met Gala 2014 required! Her intention of creating a sultry and bold look was, however, accomplished.

Met Gala 2014: The Dos and Don'ts of The Dress Code: Rihanna

Lupita Nyong’o Sticking To Her Likings

Well, she is beautiful and cool, always, or almost always! Although, she looked quite unique and creative in her Prada dress, she did fail accomplishing the given task, rather giving preference to a flapper style!

So these were the main looks we found, which were kind of out of the frames of Met Gala 2014. Despite all we do appreciate the creativity and the uniqueness of these celebs and all of those present there in general. In any case there is something exquisite about each look that we can really get inspired by and we like that.

Met Gala 2014: The Dos and Don'ts of The Dress Code: Lupita Nyong'o

Photos courtesy of Zimbio

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