Model Paloma Elsesser’s Guide To Glowing Skin

These days the beauty routine is all about healthy glowing skin. Models and celebrities ditched the trend of matte skin and fell in love with naturally glowing skin. The glowing skin is a red carpet staple. Many designers opt for natural makeup on their runway shows as well. The matte effect can be achieved with makeup, but the glowing skin requires a great skincare routine. Of course, they are many products that can help you achieve the effect of glowing skin, but having a proper beauty routine is crucial. Watch Pat McGrath’s muse model Paloma Elsesser guide to glowing skin to learn the model’s secrets on how to shine like a glazed donut.

I really enjoy looking shiny,” says the model. We can’t agree more with Paloma. Shiny skin is every woman’s dream. As you could see Paloma Elsesser uses multiple products to prep her skin. After all, no makeup can look flawless if the skin isn’t well prepped and primed. First, she cleans her face with toner. Paloma uses the same toner for the ears because as she says “ you also want the texture and the color of your ears to match your neck and face.” The model treats her skin with a couple of face oils. The oils help her achieve a glowing and hydrated skin.

Model Paloma Elsesser Guide to Glowing Skin
Photo By @palomija/Instagram

Paloma Elsesser already is a fan of the Fenty Beauty primer that dropped only weeks ago. The model also uses a medium coverage foundation. The goal here is only to enhance the skin a bit. Lastly, Paloma used cream blush and highlighter stick to make her skin look even more glazed.

Model Paloma Elsesser Guide to Glowing Skin
Photo By @palomija/Instagram

Paloma Elsesser just gave us the ultimate guide to glowing skin. The path to achieving glowing skin might be tricky especially if you have oily skin, but Paloma Elsesser’s advice will make everything much easier.

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