The Best Street Style Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014

Paris Haute Couture week is, in fact, one of the most important and significant fashion events for the whole year and many ladies and It-girls look forward to finally seeing the newest and the most significant looks suggested by the world fashion giants. Still, it’s not only interesting for the looks that are getting unveiled on the runway, but also for those we see outside the catwalks and the runways. The looks of the guests and the ladies having come to see and admire the fabulous looks of the designers are just as interesting and remarkable. What we note here is the conglomeration of the extremely stylish and cool looks and combinations that do reach the top of the street style masterpieces we could every think of. We suggest you take a sneak peek at the best street style looks from Paris Haute Couture fashion week fall 2014 presented below!

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style Looks

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style Looks
Starting with extravagant design details like lampshade hats having gained popularity recently, and reaching crazy details like stiletto plus sneakers shapes for shoes, these looks have a lot to tell us and to make us get amused and surprised. This line of options also includes classic black and white combinations created with the expected minimalistic touches and the slightly strict shapes, flare maxi skirts with stripy patterns uniting the shades of white, blue, and red, retro hats and dotted patterns for dresses, pink with black combinations of dresses and outerwear garments, as well as super amazing duos of cropped shirts and tea length skirts making extremely feminine and charming images. Oversized outerwear garments, sweet floral sundresses with 3D textures and much more could all be found in the range of looks.
Being more specific we could also speak about the A.W.A.K.E. coat worn by Evelina Khromtchenko as one of the catchiest and the most personality stating examples, followed by the cute and chic checkered overalls of Hanneli Mustaparta, who managed to combine the shorts of this piece with the warm and comfy knitted white sweater and the uber-cute and chic small handbag. Colorful and creative was the say of Susie Lau, who opted for an iridescent dress reaching the tea length, topped with a cool dark jacket and finished up with a nice medium size handbag made of a transparent outer layer.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style Looks

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style Looks
Elisa Nalin picked the Christopher Kane made party glitter and charming design prints for one of the best street style look of hers. As for Anna Dello Russo what she chose was the combo of the trendiest and at the same time the classiest. This principle was worked out with the help of the pleated maxi skirt and the leather cropped top designed with a crisscrossing pattern on the waist. Veronika Heilbrunner presented the following impressive combo to our attention, coming up with the duo of the purplish halter top adorned with nice and big florals, and matching it with the straight dark pants and the curious sandals.
Finally other creative and chic looks also include classic trend coats, variants with extremely oversized silhouettes, Celine knitted dresses with black background and red with yellow stripes, sunny yellow looks and tastefully matched black and white looks like that of Olivia Palermo, as well as ethnic inspired looks like the combo Miroslava Duma created matching an orange miniskirt with a blue top and a blue knitted jacket having some ethnic inspired design patterns. Minimalistic and monochrome were also in here, for instance, put with the looks of Kerry Pieri, whose dress was only spiced up with the drapings and the belt fastened around the waist.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style Looks

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style Looks
Still, if you like more innovative and charming design solutions you may also have a look at the combinations suggested by Helena Bordon, who was wearing a delicate white shirt with a V-curve and a shimmery red pleated skirt, finishing all up with the classy Valentino heels. Lace was not missing out from the looks, either and the all-black look of Julia von Boehm was the next great proof for that. Evangelie Smyrniotaki presented an even brighter alternative of the lace patterns, coming up with a red all-lace semi-transparent mini dress forming a noteworthy place in the Valentino collection.
In addition, speaking about rad pieces, we can’t miss out the ultra-feminine strapless dress by Vika Gazinskaya topped with just as classic white coat. Another absolutely gorgeous ethnic inspired look was noted with the combination that Nasiba Adilova came up with opting for a sweet maxi dress fastened with a brown belt and topped with a fringed jacket having some thematic prints, joined with the fringed handbag. As for Larissa Hoffman, Burberry classics was the irreplaceable option, presented with the classic trench coat and the black and white duo of the top and the bottom.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style Looks

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style Looks
Ripped jeans are also allowed for the street looks of couture fashion week, and the look of Stephanie La Cava comes as the classiest proof of the great combos that you may create using ripped jeans. Thus, what she did was combining the ripped jeans with red stiletto ankle strap heels, a white shirt, and a classy black suit jacket. For more relaxed and comfortable looks you can also try out combinations like those of Tina Leung, who opted for a denim sleeveless shirt and a loose pinky skirt adorned with fringed details again. And in the long run, it’s the all-glittery Dior made luxury of the look of Charlize Theron that we would like to speak about now, noting the extreme minimalistic approach yet the absolute chic and glam that surround a certain piece. This is definitely one of those!
Thus, here you have the in-detail scrutiny of the best street style looks we have observed during the presentations of Paris Haute Couture week fall 2014. Each look here is marked with another range of creative and great looks that are ready to complete any look of yours and to provide you with the exact ideas for creating your own creative and cool combinations and synthesis, which will add a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe and will gift you with absolutely different and outstanding looks in the crowd!

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style Looks

Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar, WWD

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