Taylor Swift Is Launching a Fashion Line

The world of fashion appeals to many of us with its eternal beauty and cool trends. Almost every other person would love to create his or her own line of fashion pieces to be a taste determiner and the celebrities are not an exception. In the wake of her elder colleagues, the young and popular pop star Taylor Swift has arranged to launch her own fashion line in Shanghai, China. It is said to include dresses, sweatshirts and tops, which we are sure will be fantastic. We don’t know for sure, but perhaps being best friends with almost all the popular supermodels and designers’ muses of the moment like Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, has had its certain impact on the inspiration for the 25-year-old singer to try her hand at fashion design launching her own fashion line that we hope will carry a bit of her awesome personal style. Whenever caught in front of camera objectives Taylor fascinates the fans with exceptionally pretty forever-21 looks wearing high-neck crop tops matched with tiny shorts showing off her crazy long legs (she knows too well what her advantages are) or fresh lightweight dresses expressing her sweet and girly character.

Taylor Swift Is Launching a Fashion Line

For those who might get overexcited we have disappointing news: Taylor Swift’s collection’s pieces will be available for sale only in Shanghai, China, letting only Swift’s Chinese fans get their hands on those cool clothes. Taylor’s fans are mostly of age under 24 and so are the most active online shoppers in China, which is a fine fact in predicting the success of this project. The line is to launch in August ahead to be concurrent with her fourth world tour 1989 in support of her fifth album studio, which is scheduled to take place in November this year.

For the exciting project, Taylor collaborates with Heritage 66 Company, which offers turn-key solutions to those of American celebrities and brands that wish to extend their business into the Chinese market. Though Taylor ventures into fashion design right in China, we are anyway happy for her. The desirable collection will be available for sale through China’s second largest e-commerce company JD.com, which also promises to become number 1 in the nearest future. The news about Taylor’s plan was announced the same day when JD.com opened its branch called “US Mall” to allow the Chinese consumers to obtain authentic goods of American retailers and brands. This might become a truly worthwhile advantage between the website and its major rival Alibaba, which lately was waved under allegations of sales of non-authentic, counterfeit goods under American names, though it denied everything.

Well, we wish Taylor no blank spaces in her try to design clothes. Though we still do not have a clue of what the pieces of her collection will look like, we have that strong belief that they are as fabulous as she always is: they anyway have Swift-approved signature, don’t they? As for us, there is nothing left to do but strongly keep our tears from coming out for not being able to get them, and look forward to Taylor Swift’s own fashion brand to be launched soon worldwide, why not!

Photo courtesy of Zimbio

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