The Best Celebrity Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

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The smokey eyes are the classiest makeup look. Sorry red lip and winged eyeliner, but the smokey eyes have been around forever and deserve some credit. According to makeup artists, the most requested makeup look from women around the globe is the classic smokey eye & nude lip makeup look.

You can keep your smokey black and mostly matte just like Demi Lovato. She flaunted one of the most iconic smokey eye makeup looks. The glossy nude lip left all the attention on the statement eye look. If you can’t go without shimmer use complementary colors to keep the smokey eye dark and vampy. Adriana Lima‘s makeup artist used silver shimmery eyeshadow to add life to the classic smokey eye. Another classic smokey eye includes earthy brown tones mixed with black.

Anyway, the smokey eye makeup doesn’t have to be black. As long as you keep your eyes smoked out and seductive, it doesn’t matter what colors you use. Lily Collins’s burgundy smokey eyes and red lip makeup look beats many classic black smokey eyes. Lily is a bold chic who can pull off the most daring makeup looks. If you consider yourself as one, go ahead and copy her burgundy smokey eye.

Another way to do a smokey eye is to start with brighter eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes and go gradually darker towards the outer eye corners. To highlight your inner corners and make your eyes pop use shimmery eyeshadow.

In case you don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror, we have a tutorial on a super-short classic smokey eye makeup. The singer Cassie shared her 10-second smokey eye trick that will save you when you don’t have all the time in the world to doll up.

For more smokey eye makeup inspiration take a look at these gorgeous celebrity makeup looks and get ready to slay your next smokey eye makeover.

Adriana Lima

The Best Smokey Eyes Makeup Seen On Celebrities Adriana Lima
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