The History of The Cat-Eye

The cat-eye has been around forever. It’s that magical black line that makes your life better. And worse (at times). Fact: Bad eyeliner, bad mood. But when your wings are on point, you are ready to rule the world! There isn’t a woman that hasn’t tried cat-eye. For some ladies(including myself) is a go-to makeup look. For others is a makeup look reserved for special occasions. From red carpets to offices and streets, the cat-eye is one of the most iconic makeup looks ever. Everyone from Cleopatra to the nowadays beauty gurus Jaclyn Hill and Nikkie Tutorials love it. This short video will take you through the fabulous history of the cat-eye.

All the credit for the cat-eye goes to Cleopatra, the ruler of Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. Cleopatra would go heavy on eyeliner to protect her eyes from the sun and evil. In Ancient Egypt, cats represented beauty, grace, and protection. So Cleopatra’s cat-eye makeup was inspired by actual cats.

The History of The Cat-Eye Cleopatra
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The winged to perfection cat-eye we know today was born in the ’50s. With the invention of liquid liner, women could finally achieve a sleek wing. Brigitte Bardot, Eartha Kitt, and Marylin Monroe rocked a seductive feline eye makeup all the time. The cat-eye became thicker in the ’60. Ladies replaced the thin winged eyeliner with a bold top and bottom line.

The History of The Cat-Eye Brigitte Bardot
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Ladies in the ’70s upgraded the cat-eye with heavy false eyelashes. If you have tried false eyelashes once, accept the fact that you are addicted forever. No makeup looks complete without falsies anymore. Supermodel Twiggy and singer Diana Ross debuted the bold lashes cat-eye makeup look.

The History of The Cat-Eye Twiggy
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Today there are millions of tutorials on how to master the cat-eye. Many makeup artists reinvented the classic cat-eye. This makeup look is a regular to every glamorous event. From 30 ears B.C. to 2017, the cat-eye is one of the most popular makeup looks.

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