Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes Teaches a Master Class in Glowing Skin

A glowy healthy-looking skin is a must for all Victoria’s Secret models. Although these girls have been genetically blessed, a glowy skin takes some work. Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes spilled her secrets on how to get a super-natural glowing skin makeup look perfect for day wear. We are always very excited when supermodels share their beauty secrets considering the fact they have a chance to work with the best beauty experts out there. Jasmine Tookes told Vogue her best tips for glowing skin, so take a look at the video below for more details.

Although Jasmine Tookes has a flawless skin with no makeup, there are still some tricks that can elevate your glow. The model’s go-to beauty tools are those small sponges you can get at the drugstore and in bulk. As you can see Tookes prefers there little sponges over multiple other expensive beauty tools. These cheap small sponges seem to work wonders on Jasmine’s skin. She used one of these to apply every liquid and cream product in the tutorial – and it seems to blend everything flawlessly! The best thing: you can throw it away after a single use. This way you avoid bacteria from developing on the sponge and transferring to your face later. This is not something you could do with your $20 beauty blender. So Jasmine’s unexpected blending tool is worth trying. Plus that’s one of the secrets to an Angel’s glowing skin.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes Teaches a Master Class in Glowing Skin
Photo Credit: Vogue

You’d think that a makeup tutorial for glowing skin won’t involve much makeup products, but Jasmine proves the opposite. These makeup look might look natural, but the model layers on many products to get a flawless complexion. The model did everything from cream contouring, concealer to setting powder and eye makeup. Tookes’s feels very confident with makeup. She admitted that if she wasn’t a model, she would have been a makeup artist.

“It’s all about the cheek glow,” Jasmine Tookes makes a statement while treating her cheeks with a seamless blending of the products.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes Teaches a Master Class in Glowing Skin
Photo By @jastookes/Instagram

And she is 100% right! In this Instagram era, you got to keep your glow game strong. At the end of the day, that cheek glow has to show on your selfies. Don’t forget to watch the video to find out Jasmine’s smart lipstick application trick and see the final look. Glowing skin might take some efforts, but is most certainly worth your time. Just follow Jasmine’s tips and you’ll get that blinding celebrity glow.

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