Backstage at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015

Pink robes, hairspray and a whole lot of fun, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015 held in London this year was nothing short of glamorous. It was magnificent and the images appearing today have really not done the whole thing enough justice. With all the wings and toned bodies on stage it was interesting to know what backstage would look like and many fashion bloggers made it to the back to ask some questions and get the latest Angel gossip. Selfies have ruled the world these days, so it’s no wonder the VC models are joining the club and enriching Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with their gorgeous self-taken pictures that are nowhere near the quality of the professional photography available to the women. The makeup artists built on the models’ natural looks, with 30 of them working all day to create the perfect looks for the Angles that would walk 2 shows (VC loves to have two shows filmed so that every angle is clearly shown). From travel essentials to favourite makeup pieces, beauty splurges and saves, some models were all too keen to share their thoughts with the outside world. A little piece of Heaven has been handed to us and we should enjoy every last moment.

Backstage at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015

Here’s what we found out backstage at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015:

• Karlie Kloss won’t leave the house without her Embryolisse moisturizer, L’Oreal BB cream, a flick of mascara, blush and lip balm apparently. That’s pretty sweet since the latest minimalistic looks include bolder mascara on a bare face that may be accented with a tinge of blush and light lip balm. A moisturizer sounds perfect as well as we’ll need to keep our skins hydrated throughout the winter. Looking trendy and gorgeous as always, this is certainly a look we can emulate easily.

• Karlie Kloss isn’t the only one who rocks a more bare-faced look. Joan Smalls has her own secret weapon when it comes to looking sultry and positively captivating as always without the help of heavy makeup. She owes this to her Estee lauder extreme waterproof mascara, keeping up with the latest trends and really making those gorgeous brown eyes of hers pop out. Joan Smalls looks stunning no matter how she appears to the public and her mostly bare face proves this to be true.

• Adriana Lima absolutely loves her natural oils that she uses to moisturize her skin, particularly when travelling. She recommends argan and coconut oil used all over to get that smooth soft texture to the skin. It’s a must-have during winter in the model’s eyes. We know how it feels to get dry skin so perhaps we should opt for the coconut oil as well. The only problem is that we can get clogged pores so probably best to keep off the face if we have acne problems.

Backstage at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015

Backstage at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015

• St Ives face scrubs are an absolute favourite for many but Alessandra Ambrosio certainly knows that the worst-kept secret at the drugstore is one of the best products to use, alongside her Neutrogena eye makeup remover of course. Just because these women are Angels doesn’t mean that they won’t be shopping at the same drugstores the average person loves to frequent. On the contrary, they probably know the whole of the pharmacy like the back of their hand.

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• Weekly routines are common for models, who need to ensure they constantly rock a flawless skin. No one does it better than Angel Ming Xi, who enjoys daily hydrating face masks while going for a richer product in Shu Uemura to keep the face looking bright and healthy. This is done once a week. We may not have perfect skin, but we can certainly ensure we keep our skins constantly hydrated with either products or through drinking a great deal of water.

Backstage at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015

• When you are a model, you find ways to save up money from time to time while also knowing you can splurge on items you truly love. This includes Behati Prinsloo’s excessive spending on Crème de la Mer eye cream while she keeps costs low with her Burt’s Bees lip balm we all end up getting at some point in our lives. As a woman, it really doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. Sometimes, the greatest finds cost less than you could have imagined while some of the most necessary items that go well with the person you are and your needs are far above budget. You learn to make sacrifices and choose your priorities. Models are no different.

• There are three steps to Lily Donaldson’s hydration plan that keeps her skin perfectly flawless and ready to show of its clear radiance on the runway. She drinks a lot of water, tries to wear as little makeup as possible and uses special face cream to keep her hydrated. Dry skin never looks good so it’s important to take care to ensure there’s enough of a water balance in your body that will end up plumping up the cells nicely and keeping your skin clean and clear and under control.

Backstage at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015

• The Angels need to feel the sexy vibe before they sashay onto stage and show off their taut, fit figures in skimpy gorgeous lingerie. In order to really get the feeling for the night ahead, they listen to some awesome tunes, particularly by the queen of music, the magnificent Beyoncé. Jourdan Dunn is one Angel who won’t go out on stage without a quick “7/11” song fix by the amazing artist. We sure know how she feels as pumping to music before any big event, particularly our favourites by uplifting artists, can make or break our performance.

Backstage at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015

Backstage at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015

Photos courtesy of Zimbio, WWD

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