10 Clothing Pieces To Get Rid Of If You Are Beyond 35

The representatives of the showbiz are, in fact, unpredictable in their fashion choices and styles, and the garments they may be seen with in general. Celebs of different ages may be seen with the most incredible and unexpected combinations and pieces but still, that’s definitely not a reason to follow their example in this respect. Sometimes you may have just the contrary effect work for you and instead of looking younger with the help of a bold and youthful garment you can simply look infantile! So here we are going to speak about the 10 clothing pieces to get rid of if you are beyond 35. Thus, the list goes as follows!

10 Clothing Pieces To Get Rid Of If You Are Beyond 35

1. Ripped Jeans

Jeans are a universal piece of clothing, but some types of jeans may be really irrelevant if you are beyond 35. Ripped jeans are one of the most noteworthy options in this respect and you really need to stop wearing them at that age (Check out: How to Wear Ripped Jeans). Instead, you can pick pieces like boyfriend jeans, which will nicely substitute for the effortless feel of the ripped jeans, at the same time preserving the classy feel.

2. Cropped Tops

Even if you have picked a high-waisted bottom and even if you have a flawless body, you should put a big “NO” on cropped tops, because they will only create some unnecessarily provocative looks, which you definitely don’t need in your 40s (Learn: How to Wear Cropped Tops). Instead you can pick some tops with open designs of backs, but still, thoroughly opening the back is not recommended either.

3. Tops with “Screamy” Texts

Tops adorned with too bold and youthful text prints like “Your Boyfriend Thinks I’m Hot” or “Holla Back Gansgta” will not be the best option for your choices, not saying that they will just look funny. You can pick some other T-shirts or tops that are capable of conveying your personality and matching the summer feel they are meant for.

4. Mini Skirts

Despite the fact that there are very many celebrities like Cher who go for mini skirts in their 60s, we would not recommend you picking them even if you’re 35! After this age you should shift towards classier business looks, thus also picking skirts of knee length or slightly above. In addition, don’t forget to pick some close tops with mini skirts and short skirts in general, since open tops with mini skirts look vulgar even in case you’re 20! So the retro knee length options can be an ideal solution for you.

5. Transparent Garments

You also need to be careful with garments, which demonstrate the underwear or any naked parts of your body too explicitly because you again risk looking irrelevantly provocative that way. Generally, this rule can be applied to any age, since the risk exists for any garments and combos. Semi-transparent and more humble forms of garments are what your picks should be focused on. Lace pieces and multi-layered combinations of midi and mini skirts can also be used here (Learn: How to Wear Sheer Clothing).

6. Tank Dresses

Tank dresses are the following no we can speak about. As you get older, those effortless and messy pieces should be excluded from your wardrobe eventually. This is, in fact, true of the tank dresses you once loved so much, because saying classic style we by no means envisage those youthful and relaxed pieces in the array of pieces. Shirtdresses, on the other hand, can become ideal substitutes for you, suggesting the nice combination of classy feel with the forms you like.

10 Clothing Pieces To Get Rid Of If You Are Beyond 35

7. The Gangsta Style

This is one of the most youthful and revolting styles that has ever existed in the fashion world. But still despite the very many interpretations it may have, you’d better stray away from opting for combinations resembling the ones created with this style. Rihanna can be one of the brightest examples of this style, but you actually shouldn’t follow her example after 35. The classy masculine interpretations of monochrome suit jackets and cropped pants combined with a wide-brim hat can be the most suitable substitutes for you.

8. Colorful Leopard Prints and Tropics

The don’t section also touches upon the prints and patterns, thus presenting options like colorful leopard prints and just as colorful tropical images taken for a myriad of possible garments (Learn: How to Wear Animal Prints). Instead you can always go for the classic interpretations of patterns like leopard prints, opting for which will be an option for you irrespective of your age. Still, try to exclude the colorful and too catchy interpretations from your list.

9. Hippie Accessories

We understand that “once a hippie, forever a hippie” philosophy can be very real and true for you and that the carefree and youthful attitude this style has towards life is appealing always, but still, in order to have classy and beautiful looks suitable for your age you really need to leave it for the teens (Learn: How to Wear Hippie Fashion Trend). This refers especially to the headbands, the floral accessories in hair, the gypsy bracelets, the long earrings with feathers and the multi-colored thread bracelets. Use some other types of accessories for having the colorful interpretations and you’ll really enjoy that more.

10. The Normcore Fashion

Finally the last thing you need to resist the temptation of wearing is the array of garments taken from normcore fashion style. The main philosophy of this style is leaving the consumerism with means like combining simple denim pieces with a gray top and sneakers. The thing is that you could have the chance to look cute with such pieces if you were 20, but you risk looking boring and tired of life wearing this in your 40s. Still, if you really need to adhere to this style, you can do that like Catherine Middleton, picking some elegant dress and strict coats, paying attention to the colors.

10 Clothing Pieces To Get Rid Of If You Are Beyond 35

Thus here were the basic pieces we would recommend you to get rid of as soon as you pass your 35. This is already the age, when you need to develop your own personal style, being sure that it’s a classic and chic one, accentuating your mature femininity and charm.

Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar, Elle

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