12 Biggest Fashion Events of 2013

The world of fashion is unpredictable and always has something new and interesting for us. There are always some spectacular events to learn about, some changes taking place and some new things to discover. So here are the 12 biggest fashion events of 2013 for you to know.

12 Biggest Fashion Events of 2013

1. Marc Jacobs No Longer a Louis Vuitton Creative Designer

For a considerable period of time we have been hearing rumors about Marc Jacobs leaving the position of Louis Vuitton designer after 15 years of hard work. Finally, the rumors proved true and the departure of Marc Jacobs was announced. However, Louis Vuitton soon found a successor to Marc Jacobs, introducing Nicolas Ghesquière as the new designer. We are impatient to see the results of his collaboration with Louis Vuitton, which will come clear during the 2014 show in Paris.

Marc Jacobs No Longer a Louis Vuitton Creative Designer

2. The Brilliant Comeback of Punk

The Gala of Metropolitan Museum of New York was the best occasion for trend-setting news. One of them was the return of the punk inspired looks, which were presented with the studded side swept hairstyle of Sienna Miller, the extravagant hairstyle of Sarah Jessica Parker, who used a very eye-catching headwear for her hairdo, and Anja Rubik with her stunning retro-inspired side swept hairdo and the expressive red lipstick.

The Brilliant Comeback of Punk

3. Sweatshirt Monarchy

Another popular comeback in the fashion world has been marked with the trend of sweatshirts, presenting them in a huge variety of prints and shapes, including designing them with beads, embroideries, and creatively picked print patterns. The most spectacular among them were the Bambi images of Givenchy and the third-eye motives of Kenzo.

Givenchy Bambi Sweater - Kenzo Eye Sweater

4. Time for British Beauties

The passing year has been also marked with the successful career of British models, two of the most popular among whom are Cara Delevingne and Edie Campbell. The former has had an ultra-fabulously triumphant year marking collaborations with such fashion giants as Burberry, Vionnet, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Chanel, and also becoming the model of the year at British Fashion Awards.

Best British Models 2013

5. Jennifer Lawrence: a New Inspiration

The super popular “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence has been one of the most stylish and creative personalities in the world of fashion this year. Having been announced the most desirable woman and the most influential celebrity of 2013 according to Times, Jennifer has been stunning everyone around with her ultra-glamorous style transformations and tasteful looks. One of them was her Dior made chic dress for Oscars 2013.

Jennifer Lawrence Dior Dress

6. The Queen of Street Style

Though last year gorgeous top model Miranda Kerr was announced the Queen of the Street Style, this year there has been some significant competition between her and the emerging star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who even seems to be overtaking Miranda with her cool looks observed during the year.

The Queens of Street Style

7. Alexander Wang and Balenciaga

Going on introducing the cool fashion news, we can’t but also talk about the newly started collaboration of talented and young Alexander Wang and sophisticated fashion brand Balenciaga. The results of this teamwork have been presented with the synthesis of the minimalistic approach of Wang with the luxury of Balenciaga. Intriguing much!

Alexander Wang and Balenciaga

8. The It girl

Talking about fashion, we can’t miss the popular It girls out of our attention either. Olivia Palermo has been spotted with many stylish and creatively chic looks during the passing year, being great a source of inspiration for everyone.

Olivia Palermo Street Style

9. Isabel Marant Teams Up with H&M

The following amazing collaboration started between talented designer Isabel Marant and popular youthful brand H&M. the first results were just amazing, presented as the H&M 2013 collection, featuring some newly interpreted and no less luxurious options for followers and fashionistas around the world.

Isabel Marant Teams Up with H&M

10. Kate Middleton Style

Having become an icon for pregnant women, Kate Middleton also goes on amazing us with the top feminine and charming images of hers, with minimal proportions of extravaganza, yet maximum of pure royal chic and charisma.

Kate Middleton Style

11. Miley Cyrus Aftershock

One of the most striking and unforgettable metamorphosis of the passing year was surely Miley Cyrus, who went from a humble and charming Hannah Montana image to a daring and attention-seeking teenager, simultaneously coming up with the most extravagant and unexpected styles and looks ever (not talking about the crazy things she has been doing on the stage!).

Miley Cyrus Aftershock

12. Victoria Beckham: a Style Icon

The former member of much anticipated group “The Spice Girls” is now a real fashion icon and a super popular personality in the fashion world. The year has been noted by an extension of her brand and her popularity as well. Talking about her final farewell to the group, she mentioned, “I realized it was finished for good in 2008, when we reformed for our reunion tour. It should have been the best moment of my life, but I just wanted to be elsewhere.”

So here were the major fashion events, which took place in 2013. Concluding this year’s surprises we are ready to meet the coming year in a hope to see everything good and happy during it, which are also equally expected for the fashion world.

Victoria Beckham: a Style Icon

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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