15 Fancy Denim Jackets for 2016 You’ll Covet

Denim jackets can elevate your favorite ensembles, especially light and breezy summer looks. They’ve always been floating around the world of fashion, but we’re still especially happy to see the trend of denim jackets for 2016 alive and well. Don’t be afraid to stock up on new, stylish denim jackets, and don’t even worry about pairing them with your favorite jeans, even though it may seem like a bit much in theory. Investing in one denim jacket – or many – will do wonders for your whole wardrobe, to be paired with dresses, jeans, shorts, or whatever your needs call for. To boost your search for that perfect style, here is a list of 15 fabulous denim jackets for 2016 to enhance your closet.

15 Fancy Denim Jackets for 2016 You'll Covet

1. Denim Jacket with Embroidered Sleeves

From ASOS, you can find this classic denim jacket with cute flower and butterfly appliques on each sleeve. The styling of the embellishments makes it look as though an old, classic jacket was taken and had appliques sewn over the original pattern, which adds some character to it. This way, you’re still getting that staple denim jacket look, as well as the addition of embellishments without compromising the pattern.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

2. Raw and Cropped Denim Jacket

The sleeves and the base hemline of this denim jacket from Shopbop were simply chopped off, with everything above the hems appearing classic and clean. As such, this jacket has a looser fit, with the hem in the back being uneven. The only other disruption to the clean lines of the jacket is the SJYP applique on the back, accompanied by colored waves in a large icon on the back and a smaller one on the front. One of the coolest 2016 denim jackets, this piece is inherently casual, so you have a lot of leeway in deciding what you wish to pair it with.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

3. Kimono Style Denim Jacket

Farfetch offers this unique jacket, a kimono style one with fun appliques on the front and largely on the back. With Asian characters printed on the front left pocket and a large robot appliqued on the back accompanied by more Asian characters, this look is a great balance between the denim jacket trend and classic kimonos. With denim jackets in 2016 being so popular, new styles are even more enticing, so if you’re looking for a true standout piece, you may wish to try something like this.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

4. Glammed Up Patchwork Sleeves

The sequined sleeves of this denim jacket are essentially glammed up versions of a patchwork style. Other than that, the rest of the jacket is left smooth and untouched, so you can have that classic jean jacket appearance with the added character of the sequins. Available at Storets, this is a great look if you really want a denim jacket but want to have something to pump up the volume just a notch.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

5. “Rebel, Rebel” Vintage Denim Jacket

One of the most coveted 2016 denim jackets, this vintage piece from Shopbop features a large, retro “Rebel, Rebel” applique on the back, and the frayed holes you can see lightly around the rest of it work even harder to promote a vintage style. Without any more appliques or distracting elements on this jacket, you’re able to appreciate the bare-bones appeal of the jean jacket, so you can take on 2016 in a vintage style.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

6. Sweet, Cropped Denim Jacket

In a bleached pale blue denim, this is a more feminine style that can be dressed up or down, with your favorite dresses, jeans, or anything else. Without appliques, you don’t need to worry about color or icon style getting in the way of your preferred style wishes. This is just a simple jacket from REVOLVE that will enhance your wardrobe, because you can wear it with so many of your favorite outfits, without having to worry about getting sick of embellishments. You can always opt for some stylish pins and brooches to update this simple jacket, and remove them whenever you get tired.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

7. Colorful Pom-Pom Denim Jacket

This jean jacket is nearly candy-colored with all of its bright embellishments of pom-poms acting as trim and peacock appliques that feature more bright shades down the sides of the front. This is a staple jacket style when you take away all of the bells and whistles, so everything else is just for fun. From ASOS, you can purchase this fun, light colored denim jacket to add some color to your summer 2016 wardrobe.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

8. Cropped with Blue Flowers

This jacket has a large floral embroidery section on the back, but due to its color and simple styling, it does not overpower any of the sweetness of the cropped jacket. It would look so cute paired with a summer dress, or with any of your other favorite looks, for that matter. Featured on Nasty Gal with a pair of white skinnies, you can see how easy it would be to style it for a casual outfit or a more dressy one.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

9. Classic Levi’s Denim Jacket

You can’t go wrong with Levi’s is the brand behind a denim product, so if you’re searching for the best 2016 denim jacket, this brand is always great to look at, especially if you’re not into all of the appliques and embellishments of the other styles on this list. Because of its classic style and totally clean lines, this denim jacket would look great layered over a cute sundress this summer, or with a pair of your favorite jeans or shorts, so the possibilities here are rather endless. Buy this look from Shopbop!

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

10. Stonewashed Denim Jacket

Exclusively at Net-a-Porter, this is a vintage style jean jacket with simple white daisies appliqued up near the collar. This is a way to use some stylish appliques and incorporate them into your style without having them overpower your whole garment. The pockets have an interesting architecture as well, so the focal point here isn’t limited to one thing. This is one denim jacket for 2016 that can be a real standout piece, even though it is one of the simpler stylings.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

11. Blue Floral Embroidered Sleeves

This style is much like the Nasty Gal look, but with the floral embellishment translated to the sleeve instead of the back. This time from Boohoo, this look has so much versatility that you can wear it with virtually anything you want. The length makes it ideal to be paired with a dress or skirt, but it would look just as stylish with jeans. The choice is yours, but you’re going to want this one in your closet.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

12. Isabel Marant Embellished Denim Jacket

This jacket features a lighter wash, with subtle applique designs on the front and a bold embroidery stitching on the back. With the simple vintage shape of the jacket, the designs take center stage, coming to instantly elevate any monotonous spring and summer look. You can find this denim jacket at Fwrd.com.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

13. Bleached with Geometric Embroideries

This light wash jean jacket features a lovely geometric pattern of embroideries stitched on the back. The detailing here is subtle enough to not take away from the integrity of the structure. The snap buttons at the front help with the casual style of this jacket; along with the subtle detailing of the back, this piece does what is needed, while still working to stand out. Buy it from REVOLVE!

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

14. Graphic Stonewashed Denim Jacket

The bold graphic on the back of this denim jacket promotes a Southeast Asian style, with the beautiful elephant depiction. The black graphic is fading, which goes along with the fraying, torn holes all over the jacket. This jacket, which you will find from Misguided, is casual, and would look hot paired with your favorite shorts this summer, so you can have an edgy piece with a cool motif like this. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can pair it with a black summer dress with sandals for a bit of juxtaposition.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

15. Simple, Distressed Denim Jacket

This light wash of denim is simple and true to the denim jacket trend. It is cropped and with simple button closures, so you can pair it with your go-to summer shorts, skirt, or dress for a casual appeal. You don’t need to have an embossed denim jacket for 2016, but you should definitely invest in at least one denim jacket in general. You won’t regret your decision there! If simplicity is your goal, you can find this jacket at H&M.

Summer 2016 Denim Jackets Trends

Photo courtesy of Seams for a Desire

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